Alexandros Theologis Wins WSOP Online $25K Super High Roller For $1.2 Million

Prediksi besar Pengeluaran SGP 2020 – 2021. Jackpot hari ini lain-lain tersedia dipandang secara terprogram via pemberitahuan yg kita lampirkan pada web itu, lalu juga dapat dichat kepada layanan LiveChat support kita yang menunggu 24 jam On the internet untuk mengservis seluruh maksud antara pengunjung. Ayo cepetan daftar, & dapatkan promo Toto serta Live Casino On the internet terbesar yg terdapat di lokasi kita.

Greece’s #1-ranked pro, Alexandros Theologis won a career-high $1.2 million and his first WSOP gold bracelet.

Greek high-stakes pro Alexandros Theologis took down one of arguably the toughest fields of the 2021 GGPoker WSOP Online when he bested the 255-entry field of Event #21 ($25,000 Super High Roller Championship) to claim the $1,212,033 first-place prize and his first career World Series of Poker gold bracelet.

Theologis, currently ranked #40 in the world (#1 in Greece), put on an impressive final table performance en route to a career-high online score. He entered the day third in chips but amassed a formidable chip lead that kept his tough competition, including Kahle Burns, Adrian Mateos, and Anatoly Filatov, from ever really closing the gap.

The first elimination of the day arrived quickly when, with the blinds at 35,000/70,000, Timothy Nuter put in put in a raise of over 680,000 with AcKh, leaving himself just two big blind behind. Kahle Burns called from late position with the 8s8c. The Ah8s2d flop gave Nuter top pair, but it also brought Burns middle set. So, when Nuter open jammed for his final 140,000, Burns quickly called and his set held through the 9c turn and Jc river. Nuter ended in ninth place and picked up $151,503.

The early bustouts continued when, with the blinds at 40,000/80,000 a short-stacked Adrian Mateos moved all-in from the button for just over 10 big blinds with the AhTh and Theologis, in the big blind, snap-called holding QcQs. The flop came 8d7d3c keeping pocket queens well ahead, but offering Mateos some back door outs. The turn was the Ts, bringing Mateos a pair, however the 7h river was no help to the three-time WSOP bracelet winner and Mateos was eliminated in eighth place for $196,476.

On the very next hand, Rui Ferreira shipped his final 840,000 all-in from under the gun with his AdJd. He was immediately called by next-to-act Wenjie Huang holding AhKc. The rest of the table got out of the way and the flop came down AsTh7c, bringing both top pair, but leaving Ferriera dominated. The turn was the Qc, giving the top-10 ranked Ferriera three outs to the gutshot straight, but the 3h was a miss and he bowed out in seventh place which was good for a $254,798 payday.

During the same level, Huang opened his 8s8h from under the gun to 168,000, and Burns flat-called with the KcQc. Then, on the button, Brazilian Eduardo Silva three-bet shoved his final nine big blind with the AsTh. When the action returned to Huang, he called and Burns came along as well. The flop came Jc6s3h, and both Huang and Burns checked. The turn came the 9s, and Huang led for 600,000 and Burns called. The Qs hit Burns, giving him top pair and when the action checked through, he dragged the pot and sent Silva to the rail in sixth place for $330,432.

It took nearly thirty minutes of five-handed play for the next elimination. With the blind up to 60,000/120,000 Anatoly Filatov opened to 240,000 on the button with AhJh. After Theologis folded the small blind, Mark Radoja shipped all-in with the AdTc. Filatov made the call and after the flop came Qh9h8h, Radoja was drawing dead. A meaningless 2d and Jd came on the turn and river respectively and Radjoa finished up in fifth place for $428,518.

Although he picked up some momentum from the knockout of Radoja, Filatov’s fortunes turned when play got to four-handed. With the blinds up to 70,000/140,000 Filatov was on the short stack when he moved all in from the small blind holding JcTc and was called by the chip leading Theologis in the big blind with KcQs. The flop came AcJs2h, giving Filatov a pair, but leaving Theologis with both pair and straight outs. The turn was the 5s but the Ks river gave Theologis the best hand and sent Filatov out in fourth for $555,719, the second-highest score of his online career.

Five hands later, a critical pot took place when Theologis put in a small raise from the small blind holding 8h8c and with more than 34 big blind in his stack, Huang pushed all-in with 5c5d. Theologis essentially snap-called which build a pot of nearly 10 million. The flop came AhKh6h, leaving Huang looking for the 5s, the only card that would save him. But the Jd hit the turn and the Jh completed the board, ending Huang’s run in third place for $720,678 and giving Theologis a massive chip lead.

Theologis started his heads-up battle with Burns with a nearly seven-to-one advantage and while Burns held his ground for the roughly 20-minute match, Theologis was able to use his stack to take it down.

On the final hand, the pair found themselves all-in preflop, Burns holding a dominating AhTs to Theologis’ Ad6d. The Kc9h4h flop looked good for Burns. When the Qs came on the turn, Burns looked like he was in good shape to double. But one of Theologis’ three outs, the 6c spiked on the river, giving him the hand. Burns settled for second place and a $934,604 payday while Alexandros Theologis earned the $1,212,032 first-place prize and his first WSOP gold bracelet.

WSOP Online $25,000 Super High Roller Final Table

  1. Alexandros Theologis – $1,212,033
  2. Kahle Burns – $934,604
  3. Wenjie Huang – $720,679
  4. Anatoly Filatov – $555,720
  5. Mark Radoja – $428,518
  6. Eduardo Silva – $330,433
  7. Rui Ferreira – $254,798
  8. Adrian Mateos – $196,476
  9. Timothy Nuter – $151,504

Just take on the forces of evil in Vikings Go To Hell slot!

Diskon oke punya Result SGP 2020 – 2021. Hadiah mingguan yang lain tersedia dilihat secara terjadwal lewat informasi yg kita lampirkan dalam situs itu, lalu juga dapat ditanyakan kepada layanan LiveChat pendukung kita yang menjaga 24 jam On the world-wide-web buat meladeni semua kepentingan para tamu. Mari cepetan gabung, & ambil jackpot Buntut & Kasino On-line terbesar yg tampil di lokasi kita.

Bored with their conquests in the land of the dwelling, the Vikings are beating down the gates of hell and Lucifer himself has appear to meet up with them. As a notion for a slot, it’s equal sections ridiculous and persuasive, correct? Nicely, that’s the premise of the Vikings go to Hell slot from Yggdrasil Gaming.

So, dust off your beloved war axe and complete your beer for the reason that it is time to descend into the depths of hell by itself!

This is hell? It is really wonderful in fact!

Do you keep in mind the opening sequence of Thor: Ragnarok, where Thor defeats Surtur? It was a perfect introduction to the new route Taika Waititi was taking the character. We simply cannot assist but assume that the art director at Yggdrasil Gaming drew intensely from this sequence when developing the opening for the Vikings go to Hell slot, and we’re totally on board with it. It is good!

As opposed to Thor: Ragnarok, even so, the opening sequence of Vikings go to Hell may well be its only highlight.

When you feel hell, you believe fireplace, brimstone, and suffering. Now, suffering isn’t a specially marketable good quality for a slot, so we get its exclusion. The absence of hearth and brimstone, while, we do not. The slot leans intensely into its Vikings theme when disregarding the hell part of its main premise virtually completely until you unlock a round of totally free spins. And even then, expectations are not met.

There’s no area like hell

Our Vikings heroes arrived all the way to hell for a battle, and they are likely to get one. The appearance of two scatter symbols that includes the prince of darkness himself is the sign for the battle to begin. Each character image on the reels bursts into lifestyle to do beat with a demon of the underworld with victorious Vikings reworking into sticky wilds. As the last struggle is concluded, you will acquire a respin with the sticky wilds sticking close to for that spin in advance of disappearing.

Enjoy Now

Are you prepared for your deal with the devil? Now remain with us in this article. This bonus function feels annoyingly like maths homework. With each and every productive struggle, the victorious Viking warrior will, in addition to reworking into a sticky wild, maximize their rage meter by just one. That’s correct, just 1. At the time it is entire (100 rage details), that character image will go berzerk and award seven free spins. During these totally free spins, the character in berserk method will in no way get rid of a struggle guaranteeing supplemental sticky wilds. It appears like a awesome minimal bonus, suitable? Properly, there is often wonderful print when the satan is involved.

Following about an hour of gameplay, we had been nowhere close to receiving the 100 details for berzerk mode. Your points are saved for subsequent sessions, but thinking about the likely various several hours of taking part in time it would just take to unlock this function, the bonus is severely underwhelming.

So, berzerk manner is a bust but can the Vikings go to Hell slot’s cost-free spins aspect be enough to change the tide of the struggle?

Turning the tide?

Two scatter symbols commence a battle, grab three or more, and you are going to unlock absolutely free spins. In the course of spherical 1 free of charge spins, you are going to experience the devil’s major common, the Lord of Chains. Next each individual spin, one randomly selected character symbol will do struggle with the Lord of Chains. If your Viking champion wins the battle, the Lord of Chains will choose destruction. 3 productive fights and the demon will be vanquished. You are going to then facial area Lucifir (their spelling) in free spins round 2.

Enjoy Now

A likelihood to see Vikings go up against the most significant and baddest demons hell has to give sounds persuasive, right? Really do not response that. We know it does. The challenge is the underwhelming execution.

Let’s start off with the variety of opponents. There are only two. We could fully grasp just 1, and we would desire a entire string of baddies to take on. There are just two, while. Why would you only give two when the webpages of Norse and Judeo-Christian methodology are stuffed with demonic figures great for the placement? It really does sense like they were being on a deadline, and they ran out of time.

Future are the battles on their own. Soon after the fantastic opening sequence, we were being anticipating some kind of visuals demonstrating the Vikings using on the lords of hell. Boy, ended up we upset. Nothing. Just a little well being bar at the top of the reels that shatters when each individual opponent is defeated.

The one preserving grace for this damned attribute is the probability of some extraordinary wins. After you defeat the Lord of Chains, you will receive an added seven free spins to defeat Lucifir. If you defeat the prince of darkness, the put together wins you accrued during equally rounds of free of charge spins with all these sticky wilds will receive a 3x multiplier.

Pfft, the king of hell ain’t s***!

According to Yggdrasil Gaming, their Vikings go to Hell slot is the 3rd in a “successful” series of slots that was preceded by Vikings go Wild and Vikings go Bezerk. And as with film sequels, slot sequels are inclined to experience like they’re both increasing on the universe or milking every very last ounce of goodwill from the fanbase. We’ll let you guess on which side of that fence Vikings go to Hell lands.

If you are looking for a new slot and you are into the Vikings go to Hell thought, this one particular might be for you. If almost nothing else, you will get to see a good opening sequence. You could also attempt out some of Yggdrasil Gaming’s other video games. Some of our private favorites are 12 Trojan Mysteries and Double Dragons.

Santi Jiang Wins 2021 Super High Roller Bowl Europe $50,000 Short Deck Poker Event For $756,000

Promo mantap Data SGP 2020 – 2021. Info hari ini lain-lain muncul dilihat dengan terstruktur lewat iklan yang kita tempatkan di web ini, lalu juga dapat dichat kepada layanan LiveChat support kami yg ada 24 jam Online guna melayani semua keperluan para pengunjung. Yuk buruan sign-up, dan ambil prize Undian & Live Casino On the internet terbaik yg nyata di lokasi kami.

Santi Jiang has had quite the run so far at the 2021 Super High Roller Bowl Europe. He has made the final table in three of the first five events, accumulating $951,750 in earnings along the way. The largest chunk of that money came from his most recent deep run, which saw him emerge victorious from a field of 42 total entries in the SHRB Europe $50,000 buy-in short deck event with $756,000 as the winner.

All three of Jiang’s scores at the SHRB Europe have come in short deck tournaments. He started out by finishing sixth in the kickoff event of the series, a $25,000 buy-in short deck tournament. He earned $72,000 in that event, and then two days later added another $123,750 for a fourth-place showing in another $25,000 buy-in short deck tournament.

In addition to all the prize money Jiang has accrued this week, he has also secured a bounty of rankings points with his short deck success. Prior to this series, Jiang had no 2021 live tournament cashes under his belt. So far this week he has accumulated 860 Card Player Player of the Year points, which is enough to move him into 170th place in the 2021 POY race standings sponsored by Global Poker. He also earned 510 PokerGO Tour rankings points with this victory. With 571 total points, Jiang has moved into 21st place.

Seth Davies earned $504,000 and 425 POY points as the runner-up. He now sits in 30th place in the overall standings. The 302 PokerGO Tour points he was awarded for his latest deep run saw him climb into 11th place in that points race. This was his eighth qualifying cash on the tour.

Like Davies, sixth-place finisher Chris Brewer also made moves in both the POY race and on the PokerGO Tour standings as a result of this event. He earned $105,000 and 170 points for his 14th POY-qualified final table of the year. The 63 POkerGO Tour points helped him maintain his hold on the sixth-place spot on that leaderboard.

Here is a look at the payouts and rankings points awarded at the final table:

Place Player Earnings POY Points PokerGO
1 Santi Jiang $756,000 510 454
2 Seth Davies $504,000 425 302
3 Timofey Kuznetsov $336,000 340 202
4 Paul Phua $231,000 255 139
5 Ivan Leow $168,000 213 101
6 Chris Brewer $105,000 170 63

Winner photo provided by PokerGO.




Explore the 4 realms of Chibeasties 2 slot

Prize terbaik Outcome SGP 2020 – 2021. Prediksi terbesar lainnya tampil dilihat secara terencana lewat banner yg kami sisipkan pada world-wide-web itu, lalu juga bisa ditanyakan terhadap petugas LiveChat pendukung kita yg menjaga 24 jam Online guna mengservis semua maksud antara pengunjung. Mari segera daftar, serta menangkan bonus Toto dan Kasino On-line terbesar yang wujud di tempat kami.

There is practically nothing incorrect with your device. Do not try to flip it off and on yet again. We are controlling the livestream. You are about to working experience the awe and secret which reaches from the internal mind to Chibeasties 2 slot.

Shameless callbacks to 1 of television’s wonderful series aside, Chibeasties 2 from Yggdrasil Gaming is an exploration into how much you can drive a reward element right until it results in being way too a great deal for our small minimal brains to cope with!

Multirealms of madness

Chibeasties 2 slot explores the multiverse (multirealms for the applications of this slot – copyright pending) idea, the notion that there is an infinite variety of parallel universes layered on best of our own.

Now that we’ve received by our theoretical physics lesson for the day let’s do some maths. The 5-reel slot capabilities 20 fixed paylines and offers medium to superior volatility. It has a return to participant (RTP) ranking of 96.2 and will give you the probability to acquire up to €90,000.

We’re a tiny weary of fawning above Yggdrasil opening sequences, but the introduction to Chibeasties 2 is an additional banger! A lovable tiny alien discovers the stone of electrical power and proceeds to transverse by way of numerous realms. In the long run, his travels conclude terribly, leaving the future lovable small alien to wonder if the juice is worth the squeeze.

Enjoy Now

It’s mine. It’s ALL MINE!

All right, we will not hold off the massive expose any extended. We know why you are right here. You want to control the four realms.

As the game is released, you are promptly introduced to the most important match mechanic and its time-area manipulation qualities. A compact button just higher than the spin button that, once pushed, gives you accessibility to all four realms, every with a one of a kind wild image reward attribute.

The four realms are:

  • Increasing Wilds (Pink Realm) – Expands to fill the complete reel.
  • Spreading Wilds (Blue Realm) – Each individual wild makes just one to 4 supplemental wilds.
  • Teleporting Wilds (Inexperienced Realm) – Wilds transportation to the greatest place on the reels to comprehensive wins .
  • Mirroring Wilds (Pink Realm) – Wilds copy them selves to the mirrored place on the reels.

Now, to make certain we’re managing expectations, the 4 realms have distinct seems but are not entirely distinctive. In point, the reels and symbols them selves don’t change at all from realm to realm. Despite this, swapping among realms feels exceptional. It feels like something new.

Perform Now

Exactly where must I leave the free spins?

Free of charge spins bonus functions are normally the key target of a slot. They are the locked doorway guarding the finest bonuses, biggest wins, and most elaborate animation. In Chibeasties 2, the totally free spins feature just feels like a final-moment addition. It nevertheless offers the most important wins but with none of the excitement. The realm-transforming wilds ended up enough. There, we stated it.

Chibeasties 2 slot is reaching for the stars!

Like with most enjoyment in 2021, originality in slots has develop into a scarce trait. With Chibeasties 2 slot, Yggdrasil Gaming has demonstrated the field that there are however corners of slot gameplay nevertheless unexplored. Yes, it is a sequel, but the slot’s expansion from one release to the up coming has been astonishing. They share a title and people, but that is about it.

The moment you have frequented the 4 realms, Yggdrasil Gaming has a number of other adventures for you to delight in. We endorse Legend of the White Snake Woman or Seasons if you want much more leading-of-the-line slots action.

Don’t miss out on our WCOOP Raffle & Double Action

Bonus menarik Pengeluaran SGP 2020 – 2021. Bonus terkini yang lain-lain hadir diamati dengan terpola lewat berita yg kita tempatkan dalam website ini, dan juga bisa dichat kepada layanan LiveChat pendukung kita yang menjaga 24 jam On the internet dapat meladeni semua keperluan para pemain. Mari cepetan daftar, dan dapatkan bonus Lotto dan Kasino On-line tergede yang tampil di tempat kita.

While a new edition of our weekly $500 freerolls is available, you can grab a share of 10x $109 WCOOP tickets when taking part in our WCOOP Raffle this week.

Another full edition of our Double Action freerolls has started and as usual tracked first time depositors at PokerStars PokerStars are rewarded with access to several exclusive $500 freerolls.

You have until Thursday, August 26 to make your first deposit in order to access all seven Double Action tourneys coming up. Any deposits after this date will count towards all remaining freerolls.

In addition, new players will of course also profit from the usual welcome bonus that is offered to new members by PokerStars.

Deposited before? No problem!

For those of you that have deposited already, there’s no need to feel left out—we have a bonus for you too.

If you refer members via our Tell-a-Friend programme and they go on to cash in one of the Double Action freerolls, you will receive the equivalent amount of their prize money in your Tell-a-Friend account.

This means that the more players you refer, the more you stand to win.

Double Action Freerolls
Name Tournament ID Date Time (GMT) Deposit Deadline/
Series Eligibility
Freeroll 2 3242517874 August 29 18:00 Deposit by August 26 and play last 7
Freeroll 3 3242517875 September 5 18:00 Deposit by September 2 and play last 6
Freeroll 4 3242517876 September 12 18:00 Deposit by September 9 and play last 5
Freeroll 5 3242517877 September 19 18:00 Deposit by September 16 and play last 4
Freeroll 6 3242517878 September 26 18:00 Deposit by September 23 and play last 3
Freeroll 7 3242517879 October 3 18:00 Deposit by September 30 and play last 2
Freeroll 8 3242517880 October 10 18:00 Deposit by October 7 and play last 1

The Freerolls can also be found in the PokerStars client under Tourney -> Private.

For full participation details, click here.

Our new PokerStars WCOOP Raffle

After running our ever popular Task List raffle for years, bringing prizes of up to $300 to our active members on a weekly basis, we’re now mixing things up again for a couple of weeks.

With WCOOP in full swing, PokerStars has opted to take over for a while, rewarding PokerStrategists with brand-new weekly prizes as well as putting out new tasks that go along with that, with more redundant tasks from the list of choices being removed.

As before, tickets for the weekly raffle are earned by completing various tasks on our website or partner rooms throughout each week, with the new exclusive tasks at PokerStars added, and the following prizes up for grabs this second week:

wcoop 2021 pokerstars

PokerStars WCOOP Raffle – Week 2 Prizes
Rank Prize
1-10 $109 Ticket for WCOOP 63-L with $1.5M GTD on Sep 5
Ticket prizes will change every week.

You are able to take part in the raffle without a tracked PokerStars account by earning tickets through our standard tasks, but keep in mind, you’re massively increasing your chances to win if your PokerStars account is tracked through us since you’ll earn a multitude of additional tickets every week.

Find out more about our PokerStars WCOOP Raffle

Rule the reels in Ancient Fortunes: Poseidon WowPot! Megaways slot!

Prediksi paus Keluaran SGP 2020 – 2021. Diskon seputar lain-lain muncul dipandang secara terprogram melewati notifikasi yang kami umumkan di situs ini, serta juga siap dichat pada teknisi LiveChat assist kami yg ada 24 jam On the world-wide-web guna meladeni segala kebutuhan antara visitor. Yuk buruan sign-up, & menangkan jackpot Lotre & Dwell Casino Online terhebat yang ada di website kami.

Yes, we know. Ancient Fortunes: Poseidon WowPot! Megaways slot is a prolonged title for a slot sport. But if you can say it all in 1 breath, then you surely have the lung capacity to sink into these watery reels and get them rippling with riches.

And what unbelievable reels these are. They come with a shiny treasure chest of thrilling bonuses and a minor a thing Quickfire Games likes to phone the “Rolling Reels” function – not to mention the mind-blowing WowPot! progressive jackpot. So consider a deep breath, for what you’re about to find could carry you absent in a whirlpool of wins!

Unleash your electrical power and awaken the reels for riches

Every little thing about this slot just screams Ability! From the background new music and audio results to the mighty symbols on the reels. You can practically really feel the power vibrating as a result of your system as the reels lock into location with a thundering crash. Yup, it’s the stuff that Greek gods are built of – and its accurate electric power at your fingertips.


Engage in Now

There are 6 reels with a bonus reel resting on best like a sunken treasure. This reward reel provides one particular row earlier mentioned reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 for higher odds of securing payouts. With up to 117,649 techniques to acquire, you won’t find a single payline, as the Megaways element enables winning mixtures to be fashioned on adjacent reels from the left in any place.

Landing at least 3 symbols on consecutive reels will grant you a payout, just after which the Rolling Reels element kicks in to get rid of the blend and make way for new symbols to fill the empty areas. This allows for winning combinations in a solitary spin and will proceed until eventually no additional successful combos can be shaped – so experience the wave as extended as you can.

Come across the G.O.L.D. to unlock free spins

Scatter symbols are current in the type of letters styled to in shape the Greek topic, with G, O, L, and D. Spell out the word G.O.L.D. by landing 4 Scatter symbols and 12 reward multiplier no cost spins will be brought on. 5 Added no cost spins will be awarded for just about every extra Scatter image landed when triggering the bonus match.


Perform Now

The cost-free spins spherical will start out with a multiplier of 1x, which raises with 1x each individual time the Rolling Reels characteristic eliminates a winning blend from the reels. Deal with to land ample successful combos in the course of absolutely free games and you could end up with a colossal multiplier at the conclusion of the bonus round accompanied by payout in good shape for a Greek god.

Decide a jackpot from the treasure chest

Aha! Now for the part that you’ve been so patiently waiting around for, as you may possibly have been waiting for this second your overall existence. How does a jackpot around €2 million audio? Get the WowPot! Progressive Select Video game jackpot element to bring about and it could be yours!

This attribute can be activated at random in the two the major sport and the free of charge spins bonus recreation and is unlocked by accumulating Wild symbols in the course of gameplay. The Wild symbols are gold medallions displaying an image of Poseidon’s trident. The more Wilds you collect, the higher your prospects are of randomly triggering this bonus activity.


Engage in Now

When the function triggers, you will be taken to a individual monitor with 12 Wild symbols. You are going to have to pick them one particular by one to expose the symbols beneath. Each symbol matches 1 of 4 progressive jackpots with Mini, Minor, Warm, and the enormous WowPot! jackpot (which constantly commences at a minimal of €2 million, by the way).

Match at the very least 3 symbols to the corresponding jackpot and you are going to be awarded the prize. Continue to keep in mind that when enjoying a superior volatility slot this kind of as this, it could get a even though to unlock these bonus options. But when you do, the battle will become totally well worth it and you could swim absent with this daily life-changing jackpot.

The time to rule is now!

Even while the 92.23% RTP may be a minor on the small aspect, the prospect of winning the sensational WowPot! progressive jackpot combined with all the dollars-generating bonus characteristics surely ideas the scale in your favor. Get all set to encounter correct electrical power and dive into Ancient Fortunes: Poseidon WowPot! Megaways slot to rule the reels like in no way ahead of!

Brazilian Pedro ‘pvigar’ Garagnani Wins WCOOP High Roller

Prize gede Keluaran SGP 2020 – 2021. Diskon paus lain-lain ada diperhatikan secara berkala lewat pengumuman yang kami sampaikan dalam situs ini, dan juga siap dichat kepada operator LiveChat pendukung kita yg siaga 24 jam On the internet buat melayani seluruh kebutuhan para tamu. Mari segera join, dan kenakan hadiah Buntut & Kasino Online tergede yg ada di web kita.

Pedro ‘pvigar’ Garagnani earned the second WCOOP title of his career on Monday. (SuperPoker photo)

The storyline throughout the first two weeks of the 2021 World Series of Poker Online has been the dominance of the Brazilian contingent. The arena might be different, but early returns show that the 2021 World Championship of Online Poker just might follow that narrative. Three Brazilian players grabbed WCOOP titles on Monday, with Pedro ‘pvigar’ Garagnani the biggest winner of the bunch.

Garagnani topped the 200-entry field in Event #4-H ($5,200 NLHE 8-Max, High Roller) to win $195,690 and the second WCOOP title of his career. His first came in 2017. Finishing one spot behind Garagnani was Diego Ventura. The Peruvian superstar had to settle for the silver medal slot and $152,344.30. Third place went to Christian ‘WATnlos’ Rudolph.

The two other Brazilian winners on Monday came from Low buy-in events. ‘GuaranaDolly‘ won Event #3-L ($22 NLHE PKO Freezeout) and ‘OFaroFino‘ secured the bag in Event #6-L ($11 NLHE Six Max).

Jonathan ‘Proudflop’ Proudfoot, the #2-ranked player in the United Kingdom, won his first WCOOP title by beating a Brazilian heads up. Proudfoot, who has a Spring Championship of Online Poker title on his resume, beat ‘BLEFE GOD’ to win Event #2-H ($530 WCOOP Kickoff). Proudfoot walked away with a $90,131.09 score while ‘BLEFE GOD’ took home $65,440.33. Robert ‘kravm65’ Burlacu finished in third and earned $47,513.73.

Hungarian star Peter ‘twirlpro‘ Turmezy made his way through 459 other entries in WCOOP Event #3-H ($2,100 NLHE PKO, Sunday Warm-Up SE) to win his first WCOOP title. Along with the trophy, Turmezy added $134,505 to his lifetime earnings. Andrey ‘ThePateychuk’ Pateychuk finished runner-up.

The four-card game also got some run on Monday. ‘#Naktro91‘ won Event #5-H ($2,100 PLO Six Max) for $72,202.73. The event, which attracted 181 entries, had another Brazilian just miss out on the win. Dante ‘dantegoyaF’ Goya finished in second place for $54,577.76.

Anatoly ‘NL_Profit’ Filatov worked his way through 553 other entries in Event #6-H ($1,050 NLHE Six Max) to win the second WCOOP title of his career.  British pro Tyler ‘wonderboy222’ Goatcher finished runner-up while Austrian ‘Grozzorg’ took the final spot on the podium.

Dinesh ‘NastyMinder’ Alt won his second WCOOP title in as many years after shipping Event #11-H ($530 NLO8 8-Max PKO) for $27,168.77. It was the second final table of the day for Alt. He busted in seventh place in Event #4.

Other WCOOP winners on Monday included ‘LillaLejonet‘ (Event #2-L), ‘crossthervr‘ (Event #2-M), ‘thx4urm0n3y‘ (Event #3-M), ‘drak1973‘ (Event #5-L), ‘HTRYG‘ (Event #5-M), ‘ekkntm‘ (Event #6-M), ‘HetlsJeBoy‘ (Event #11-L), and ‘avttaS‘ (Event #11-M).

Event #2 (High): $530 WCOOP Kickoff
Entries: 1,130
Prize pool: $565,000

  1. Proudflop – $90,131.09
  2. BLEFE GOD – $65,440.33
  3. kravm65 – $47,513.73

Event #3 (High): $2,100 NLHE PKO, Sunday Warm-Up SE
Entries: 460
Prize pool: $920,000

  1. twirlpro – $134,505
  2. ThePateychuk – $116,004.86
  3. Aalexxs – $59,964.87

Event #4 (High): $5,200 NLHE 8-Max, High Roller
Entries: 200
Prize pool: $1,000,000

  1. pvigar – $195,690
  2. Die Ventura – $152,344.30
  3. WATnlos – $118,599.90

Event #5 (High): $2,100 PLO 6-Max
Entries: 181
Prize pool: $362,000

  1. #Naktro91 – $72,202.73
  2. dantegoyaF – $54,577.76
  3. Fructu?1?1 – $41,255.22

Event #6 (High): $1,050 NLHE 6-Max
Entries: 554
Prize pool: $554,000

  1. NL_Profit – $97,851
  2. wonderboy222 – $69,876.02
  3. Grozzorg – $49,899.33

Event #11 (High): $530 NLO8 8-Max PKO
Entries: 258
Prize pool: $129,000

  1. NastyMinder – $27,168.77
  2. robc1978 – $12,258.43
  3. aless_84 – $9,361.16

FAQ on Bitcoin Gambling |

Promo terbaru Information SGP 2020 – 2021. Undian gede lain-lain bisa diperhatikan secara terprogram melalui info yg kita lampirkan dalam world wide web itu, lalu juga siap dichat kepada operator LiveChat pendukung kami yang menjaga 24 jam On-line guna meladeni semua kebutuhan para bettor. Ayo buruan sign-up, dan menangkan reward Undian serta Are living Casino On the net terbesar yg nyata di internet kita.

The most common issues of our users about Bitcoin gambling.

They are all answered on our startpage of Make confident to browse through our selection of questions and solutions – were certain youll will need some crucial things for thriving Bitcoin On line casino gambling.

Bitcoin Gambling FAQ

If you have additional questions (and you checked all the previously mentioned by now), feel absolutely free to compose your dilemma down below in the opinions.

We will do our best to entirely reply every dilemma.

Los Angeles Angels at Cleveland Indians Betting Preview

Hadiah seputar Togel Singapore 2020 – 2021. Permainan mingguan lain-lain dapat dilihat secara berkala through poster yang kita sisipkan dalam web ini, dan juga dapat dichat pada petugas LiveChat pendukung kami yang menunggu 24 jam On the internet guna mengservis seluruh keperluan para bettor. Mari secepatnya indicator-up, & dapatkan cashback Lotere dan Stay Casino On the world-wide-web tergede yang tersedia di situs kita.

Sunday night time baseball on ESPN capabilities the final recreation of a a few-match series towards the LA Angels (62-63) and the Cleveland Indians (60-61).

This has been a collection to forget for the Angels as they have been blown in the collection opener on Friday night time 9-1, and points didn’t get considerably greater for them on Saturday as they had been overwhelmed 5-1.

LA Angels Preview: Pivotal sequence they enable slip away

This collection has not gone how the Angels had hoped right after sweeping the Detroit Tigers in a 3-recreation set. They come across by themselves back underneath .500 once more this season with very little time left to turn it all-around as the season’s close draws in the vicinity of.

Five unanswered runs were being given up by the Angels in the first two innings, and the deficit proved to be too substantially to triumph over in the collection opener. The Indians tacked on a couple of a lot more in the afterwards innings to seal the gain. Matt Suzuki experienced two hits and scored the lone operate of the game.

Saturday’s match wasn’t substantially superior for the Halo’s as they had been downed 5-1. Reid Detmers obtained the nod fresh off a dominant start off but was unable to keep on his momentum in this one particular.

Remaining-hander Jose Suarez will get the start on Sunday night and is 5-6 with a 3.88 Period in 16 appearances and 7 commences. In 16 innings about August, the remaining has permitted 9 operates and has however to pitch previous the 6th inning. This will be his initial start out from the Tribe this period.

Fantastic information for the Halo’s as Mike Trout has started off his development to a return and is taking part in on-field things to do. He has been actively playing catch and transferring all around in the outfield. He is getting closer to a rehab assignment which is a fantastic indicator.

Cleveland Indians Preview: Searching to comprehensive the sweep

The Angels had been in the hunt of chasing the playoffs or wanting to generate a wild card place, but the Indians have harm people possibilities with two massive victories. The Indians go to 8-11 in the thirty day period of August and are riding a two-recreation get streak.

Cal Quantrill usually takes the rubber for Cleveland on Sunday night. The correct-hander is 3-2 with a 3.24 Period in 33 appearances this period 15 of these have been begins. Quantrill has created 4 starts in August and, in 24 innings, has only authorized 5 overall runs. In 13 innings, he authorized only just one operate to start out the month but has cooled off considering that then and has supplied up five operates around his previous 11 innings.

The Indians are led by Jose Ramirez, who has 28 house operates and 76 RBI’s on the year. Franmil Reyes has been a enjoyable surprise for the Tribe, chipping in 22 homers and 66 RBI’s on the year. The Indians average 4.4 runs on the yr versus remaining-handers.

Angels vs Indians Betting Traces & Odds

Mybookie has the Indians as slight favorites at -135. The full is set at 9 operates in this contest.

Totally free Betting Decide

The Angels had been participating in nicely heading into this collection, and when there is no pitching edge for both workforce, the Angels desperately require a gain. The Indians have been incredibly hot to kick off this collection scoring 14 full operates in two games.

Equally of these teams are one sport under .500 and have struggled to discover any kind of consistency on the calendar year. Expect the Indians to keep scorching and occur away with a collection sweep on Sunday night.

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Get flight in the epic Easter Island slot!

Jackpot mantap Info SGP 2020 – 2021. Jackpot terbaik yang lain dapat dipandang dengan terstruktur melewati notifikasi yang kami sisipkan pada internet site itu, serta juga dapat dichat kepada layanan LiveChat pendukung kami yang stanby 24 jam On-line buat melayani segala maksud antara bettor. Lanjut cepetan indication-up, dan kenakan diskon Lotto & Kasino On the world-wide-web tergede yg hadir di situs kami.

Do you don’t forget in Evening at the Museum when the Easter Island head will come to existence and asks Dum Dum for some gum gum? Nicely, Yggdrasil Gaming turned that into a slot referred to as Easter Island and, spoilers, it is excellent!

That rock just spoke!

A backdrop of a gorgeous island, presumably Easter Island, a uncomplicated 5-reel slot, and two Easter Island heads adorably introduced to daily life. Which is it. Which is all they necessary to generate a slot that experienced us smiling from ear to ear.


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If you hit two matching symbols on a payline, the two heads perk up and observe the reels to see what is likely to occur up following. If you strike a earn, they rejoice like you just scored the profitable touchdown at the Tremendous Bowl. It is an exceptionally gratifying experience. And which is just a straightforward a few-image gain.

The slot’s figures also explain to a story. The Easter Island slot provides a return to participant (RTP) rating of 96.1 and small volatility. It presents you a opportunity of successful up to 1,880x your bet with a greatest jackpot of €94,000. To put it plainly, the slot is geared in direction of supplying you tiny wins additional generally even with providing a huge jackpot.

Would you like some peanuts?

Welcome to Air Bitstarz. We’re at this time at cruising altitude on our way to the Easter Island slot. If you appear out of your still left window, you’ll see the reward characteristics in their natural habitat. Really don’t permit their size idiot you. They pack a punch.

So, you made it to the island, let’s get a search at what the itinerary has in store for you. With each and every 3-symbol acquire, you’ll get a respin. A four-symbol acquire will give you quality economy tourists the identical free of charge spin while expanding the reels by two rows for a small much more legroom. Initially-class travellers with a five-image earn will get the suite knowledge with the reels expanding by four rows for your respin.


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Prior to you go, really do not forget about about the expanding wilds expertise. Any wild image showing up on rows two or 4 will extend to fill the complete reel, even when that reel is 7 rows large.

Vacationer attraction or vacationer lure?

Good slots are intended to be complicated monsters with a library of reward features, countless animations, and a large jackpot. Looking at that conditions, the Easter Island slot should be a tourist lure. It is not, however. It’s that awesome locale that only the locals know about. It is the ideal beach with not a soul in sight and a consume in your hand. There are intangibles at participate in listed here. This is anything exclusive, and we think you should really guide your flights nowadays!

If you are feeling the article-vacation blue following your journey to Easter Island, you can attempt out some of the other good titles from Yggdrasil Gaming. Some of our favorites are Ozwin’s Jackpots and Neon Rush.