DraftKings YouTube Show Features A More Grown-Up Gary Vee

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DraftKings is getting the best version of Gary Vee. I’ve been around Gary Vaynerchuk, more commonly known as Gary Vee, since he was shilling wine. Then he became a marketing thought leader and in-demand keynoter. Finally, he became a cultural phenomenon. This is where DraftKings, daily fantasy giant turned sports betting and casino operator, picks up the ball in Vee’s storyline.

On Sept. 10, DraftKings announced its new NFL show, GaryVee’s Die Hard Dialogue.

My first thought was:

“Uh-oh. That’s not good. Does this mean DraftKings is changing into yet another ‘bro’ sportsbook?”

I’m happy to report that I was wrong.

However, DraftKings hasn’t yet reached the end zone. With a few more tweaks, maybe Vaynerchuk can help get them there.

Why I was wrong about Gary Vee’s impact on DraftKings

Vaynerchuk’s show is inclusive in almost every way – from gender to race representation and from professional sports commentary to fan opinion. The one place the show falls short in this regard is that most of the female guests are young, even though Vaynerchuk himself is 45. Online sportsbook bettors are generally younger men, so Vaynerchuk could argue he’s designing the show for DraftKings players, but the male guests weren’t quite as young.

Vaynerchuk has said he has learned the most about the zeitgeist from younger people. He mentioned teenagers, specifically, during a marketing keynote which I attended about 10 years ago. He told marketers that he liked to look over teenagers’ shoulders to see what they were doing, because they were almost always the first ones on a trend. In his example, they were early adopters of Instagram.

However, DraftKings Sportsbook got the new version of Gary Vee. He’s not the same guy who used 40 to 50-year-old women on Instagram as fodder for a cheap joke. Here’s the before-and-after:

At a 2014 Q&A session with The Lamp Post Group in Chattanooga, TN, he told an audience member that her mom was now on Instagram. He warned her not to spend her marketing dollars there, because her product was for younger people. That social media platform no longer catered to the audience she was trying to reach. To make his point, Vaynerchuk’s punchline was:

“Cougar selfies, everywhere!”

On the new show, hosted on the DraftKings YouTube channel, he also emphasized the age of his co-host, Jessie Coffield. She’s 30. However, unlike previous times in his career, he wasn’t invoking a lazy stereotype. This comment was relevant to the show and the subject. It had to do with Coffield becoming a New England Patriots fan as an adult.

Gary Vee and DraftKings are more intertwined than the show

In June, the podcast and YouTube video series Props & Drops debuted – starring DraftKings Co-founder Matt Kalish and Gary Vee. As of Tuesday, there were six, one hour-long episodes on Spotify and the DraftKings YouTube channel.

In July, Ad Age reported DraftKings hired Vaynerchuk’s marketing agency VaynerMedia, which touted its ability to up the online gambling giant’s social media game. That, even though DraftKings Social went live the month before.

On Aug. 10, DraftKings Marketplace began, selling the NFTs that are among Vaynerchuk’s current passions. The marketplace can accept credit card deposits, but not cryptocurrency. However, DraftKings “is exploring” the possibility of processing cryptocurrency itself. It’s not clear how it hopes to do this while remaining in compliance with US regulations, but perhaps the company can find a workaround.

Few repeat viewers for Die Hard Dialogue

While the Spotify statistics for the podcast weren’t visible, the YouTube ones showed Episode 1 garnered 3,279 views, despite its warning that “This video may be inappropriate for some users.” I watched it: The warning seems mainly due to some salty language, and of course the gambling connection.

Because GaryVee’s Die Hard Dialogue follows the NFL schedule, there were three shows available as of Tuesday. During its first week, the 39-minute show heavy on New York Jets talk had 14,716 views.

As of Tuesday, the most recent podcast and show had 853 and 862 views, respectively. Of course, viewership of most shows declines over time, so some of the drop can be chalked up to natural causes.

Alternatively, it could be that the audience is tired of hearing about the Jets. (Vaynerchuk is a lifelong Jets fan who says he eventually wants to buy the team. However, he’s “only” a multimillionaire. The team’s current owner, Woody Johnson, is a billionaire. Forbes values the team at more than $4 billion.)

Or perhaps Vaynerchuk’s social media fans pay attention to him for non-sports-related reasons. He is considered a truth-telling, energetic and inspirational entrepreneur who shares career and life advice on social media. Vaynerchuk’s video with Tony Robbins, for instance, has more than 1.8 million views.

Gary Vee’s social media fame hasn’t rubbed off on DraftKings yet

If all of Vaynerchuk’s followers had tuned in to watch GaryVee’s Die Hard Dialogue, it would be a much larger audience. That crowd amounts to:

  • 15 million Twitter followers,
  • 9 million Instagram fans,
  • 9 million TikTok followers,
  • 5 million Facebook followers, and
  • 3.25 million YouTube subscribers

It seems that almost none of these are migrating over to the DraftKings shows.

DraftKings’ own social media engagement still leaves something to be desired. The DraftKings Twitter account has over 300,000 followers, and there are 121,000 subscribers to the company’s YouTube channel. However, those numbers are still only a fraction of the millions of players who use DraftKings Casino, DraftKings Sportsbook and DFS.

So it looks like Vaynerchuk’s still got a lot of work to do to get DraftKings more social media traction.

Gary Vee and DraftKings do have young audiences

While Gary Vaynerchuk and DraftKings do have younger audiences, they don’t necessarily overlap yet.

I met one of Vaynerchuk’s fans on Monday afternoon.

Philadelphian Reginald was my driver when I took a Lyft ride into Center City. Reginald, 28, said he started following Gary Vee on Instagram in 2017 or 2018, because he was “real” and helped motivate him to continue to strive to create his own clothing line.

Reginald knew about Vaynerchuk helping him achieve his business goals. He didn’t know about the DraftKings show, Vaynerchuk’s own apparel line or the social media influencer’s past. Out of the three subjects, Reginald was mainly interested in learning more about Vaynerchuk’s fashion line, which includes knit hats bearing Gary Vee’s quotes.

That’s the advantage of having younger fans. They don’t know about your past.

‘Attractive females and models only’

Reginald hadn’t even known about the time in 2016 that Vaynerchuk’s misogyny made it into Yahoo News. He was dismayed to learn that a party invitation to an event at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France, hosted by VaynerMedia and Thrillist, included the following:

“Please be aware this specific list is for attractive females and models only… Ladies, if you are interested in attending, please send us recent untouched photos and or your Instagram/Facebook links for you and each of your additional female guest [sic]. Once we have reviewed, we will send you specific entry details.”

Reginald said the person who’d first told him about Gary Vee was a woman. He was relieved to learn Vaynerchuk had ultimately taken responsibility for the party invitation and apologized.

“That sounds more like him,” Reginald said of Vaynerchuk.

Online sportsbook demographics

DraftKings also has a young demographic. However, it’s less diverse than Vaynerchuk’s target audience.

According to Statista, as of March 2021, DraftKings Sportsbook had the whitest of all major online sports betting platforms, at 86%.

Quite the opposite is true of sports bettors across other channels. Only 19% are white, according to a March 2021 survey by the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG).  Asian-Americans hold the pluraity at 33%, followed by Black bettors at 32%, and LatinX at 25%. Granted, Asian-American sports bettors are more likely to place their wagers in person, but even by the standards of the online sportsbook world, DraftKings has a remarkably homogenous audience.

NCPG said the median age of online gamblers was 34 and 67% were male. About 73% of online bettors played DFS, while 41% bet on “traditional sports.” About 46% of sports bettors were under 35.

As DraftKings most likely wished when they hired him, maybe Vaynerchuk can help them change that. While Gary Vee’s specialty is social media, its users are aging – as he pointed out about Instagram, albeit in an unfortunate way.

Vaynerchuk explained:

“Because my language isn’t a demographic, it’s a psychographic.”

Heck, he’s aging, too. But he’s almost six years into his transformation into a more socially aware person.

Gary Vee, before he turned 40

When he was 35, Vaynerchuk was still looking for easy laughs, calling business attitudes “half pregnant.”

He made his cougar comment when he was 38. 

The sexist party invitation arrived in inboxes when he was 40 – but he took full responsibility for the faux pas.

A year later, Vaynerchuk wrote this:

“If you’ve got the right DNA and you’re a 72-year-old female, you have just as good of a chance to win as a 27-year-old man. But, you’ve been trained and marketed to that a 50 year old can’t win.”

(I would point out that you used to be one of those marketers, Gary Vee.)

VaynerMedia’s staff is half-filled with women, said Claude Silver, who appeared to be the only older woman in the International Women’s Day 2018 video about Vaynerchuk’s agency. It appears to be the only episode of the DailyShe – a pun related to DailyVee – about which former agency staffer Katherine Killeffer made some interesting comments.

DrafKings vs. the bro sportsbooks

Vaynerchuk has his work cut out for him in the online sportsbook space – especially when it comes to attracting women to the pastime.

Talking about US online gambling overall, Michael Daly – CEO of Catena Media – said online operators need to be careful about the influencers they pick, regarding what message that choice sends and whether it’s to their intended audience. He noted that influencers with “underage” fans might not be the best brand ambassadors, for instance. (Note: Online Poker Report is part of the Catena Media network.)

Speaking during the same Sept. 13 webinar, Anna Sainsbury – chairwoman and founder of GeoComply – said operators must also think holistically about the market. They may not be the ones doing the inappropriate things, but they’ll have to answer for them. The public doesn’t compartmentalize its perceptions.

You see, there are online sportsbooks out there that make a specific effort to appeal to young males. Those efforts can appear sexist, perhaps alienating women bettors.

Read this October 2020 NSFW article about Barstool Sports at your own risk.

Sexism in advertising

Then there’s the DFS ad history of DraftKings and its longtime rival FanDuel. In 2015, our sister site – Legal Sports Report – wrote about how few women were in the ads and if they were, they were losing bets.

However, it’s even more difficult when a brand is fighting with itself.

For instance, MaximBet is a partnership between Carousel Group and the men’s magazine, Maxim. On Monday, though, Maxim reported this story, “Supermodel Nina Agdal Shares ‘Naked’ Mirror Selfie.”

A week ago, a MaximBet spokesman had happily contacted me to gain further coverage about the app, because:

“MaximBet is announcing that every female student athlete in Colorado – across every division, school and sport – will receive an NIL [name, image, likeness] deal of cash + merchandise as a way to promote female athletes. That means every female student athlete in Colorado – Division I-III – will get paid for playing a sport in college. It’s the first time any brand has offered NIL exclusively to women’s sports across all divisions.”

Online sports betting’s complicated relationship with women

Look, I get it. We’re not the online sportsbook demographic. Women don’t bet on sports in nearly the same numbers or the same dollar amounts as men.

NCPG said it:

“Men are much more likely to bet on sports than women, by a margin of 28% to 12%.”

However, I’m not sure if what’s the chicken here and what’s the egg. I don’t want to give my money to someone who treats me like a piece of meat – or worse, expired meat. (Remember: “Cougar selfies, everywhere!”)

Speaking with other women, I often hear the same sentiment. It’s cringeworthy, for example, for a woman to win a poker tournament and be congratulated by “booth babes.” Uh, thanks, ladies?

So as cool as it is to see actors and comedians Martin Lawrence, 56; and Kristen Schaal, 43, as the stars of the DraftKings Sportsbook commercials, that representation of  audiences other than young, white men has to be reflected elsewhere.

In general, online sportsbook marketing has to dig deeper if it wants to attract women, minorities and anyone over 34.

Step one: get some older women on the the show

In DraftKings’ case, I think that means at least having 50-plus year old women on GaryVee’s Die Hard Dialogue videos with the same frequency as men in that age group.

In other words, DraftKings and Vaynerchuk have to make their words match their actions.

Vaynerchuck has shown that he’s on his way.

Back when I encountered him at marketing conferences, he would tell me he couldn’t accept a speaking gig for less than $30,000, because of a promise he made to his wife to not accept jobs for less. Then he’d say something sexist and ageist during that expensive keynote.

Vaynerchuk’s actions now align better with his words than they once did. At this point, the ball’s in DraftKings’ court.

Make Your Next Soccer Bet a Draw-No-Bet

Diskon gede Pengeluaran SGP 2020 – 2021. Game paus lainnya hadir diperhatikan dengan terencana via poster yang kita sisipkan dalam website ini, lalu juga dapat ditanyakan pada teknisi LiveChat support kami yg ada 24 jam On-line buat mengservis seluruh maksud antara bettor. Yuk buruan gabung, & kenakan prize Togel & Live Casino Online terbaik yang tampil di tempat kami.

Betting on the English Premier League (EPL) affords soccer fans a thrilling experience especially if they know their way around the best soccer betting markets. Naturally, the average bettor would first consider the 3-way bet (1×2) in order to weigh up the probability of one team beating the other. However, the 1×2 bet is fraught with risk as the ‘x’ which signifies a draw happens more often than you think.

Picking a team based solely on the odds can become tricky when they’re evenly matched or there isn’t all that much difference between the odds. So how do you get around the risk of a 1×2 bet? Do you bet on 1 team or do you place your wager on the draw? The answer is neither. This is where the draw-no-bet wager comes in.

Draw-no-bet explained

Draw-no-bet is an incredibly useful market as it eliminates a portion of the risk associated with a traditional 3-way bet. Draw-no-bet scratches the draw function leaving you with a 2-way bet with your bet being pushed (refunded) if the match results in a draw.

Think of it as built-in insurance on your bet, especially when you consider that an average of 23% of matches over the last 5 EPL seasons ended in a draw.

So what’s the catch? Naturally, you’ll have to pay for the insurance in the form of shortened odds. Consider the difference in odds for the Liverpool vs. Man City match found at Stake (review, French bettors are geo-blocked).

In the example above, you would have won $195 off a $100 3-way wager on Liverpool versus $110 off a $100 draw-no-bet wager. However, if you opted for the 1×2 bet and the match ended in a draw you would have lost your entire stake.

Why it’s worth it

During the 2019-20 EPL season 92 of the season’s 380 matches resulted in a draw – that’s a draw percentage of 24.21%. The results for the 2020-21 season weren’t much better with 83 of the 380 matches ending in a draw – that’s a draw percentage of 21.8%.

The table below highlights the extent of draw occurrences during the last 2 seasons. Each of the teams played against the remaining teams 76 (38 matches x 2 seasons) times.

Team Draw %
Brighton & Hove Albion 36%
Wolverhampton 30%
Manchester United 30%
Arsenal 28%
Newcastle 26%
Tottenham 25%
Crystal Palace 24%
Burnley 24%
Everton 24%
West Ham 22%
Chelsea 21%
Aston Villa 20%
Sheffield United 18%
Leicester City 18%
Southampton 18%
Liverpool 16%
Manchester City 11%

If you’re particularly brave you might want to consider placing 3-way accumulator bets on the draw, when the teams with a draw percentage of 25% and above face each other.

+0.5 Handicap is another draw buster

Another market that eliminates the risk of a draw, is the +0.5 spread wager. This particular wager is also knows as a +0.5 handicap and effectively adds a half a goal to a team’s score. This is often used to level the playing field between a superior and inferior team but it can also be used when teams are evenly matched and a draw is anticipated.

For example, if you’re betting on the Liverpool vs. Man City match and want to bet on Liverpool, you’ll place a +0.5 spread wager. The match ends in a 1-1 draw. However, your spread bet will win as the final result with half a goal added to Liverpool’s score will be 1.5-1.

If you’re wagering on the Premier League and your gut feel is that it could go either way, why not consider placing a draw-no-bet or a +0.5 spread wager at one of these top crypto sportsbooks.

Arkansas Razorbacks at Ga Bulldogs Betting Preview

Hadiah oke punya Info SGP 2020 – 2021. Promo hari ini lain-lain tersedia diamati dengan berkala by using details yg kita sisipkan di situs tersebut, lalu juga siap ditanyakan pada petugas LiveChat assistance kita yg tersedia 24 jam On-line guna melayani segala kepentingan antara pengunjung. Ayo segera gabung, & dapatkan jackpot Lotere dan Dwell On line casino On-line terbaik yg wujud di lokasi kami.

Properly, I don’t think anybody suspected that this Mario in between Arkansas and Georgia would be a Leading 10 matchup at this point in the year, allow by yourself at any position.

On the other hand, Arkansas has shocked the country with massive wins, including just one about Texas A&M previous 7 days in get to find their way into the Best 10 in the state at #8.

They will encounter Georgia, who was and however, is a large favored to make the college or university football playoff at the conclusion of this yr, and so significantly, they have lived up to the buzz.

Including to the storyline and intrigue of this matchup, former Ga offensive line coach Sam Pittman is now the principal man on the sidelines for the Hogs, and he’s led a resurgence in Fayetteville.

Along with that, ESPN’s Higher education GameDay will be on web site for the matchup in the Typical Town Saturday to preview this exciting video game and the relaxation of the weekend’s higher education football slate.

Due to the fact of the unexpected rise of Arkansas, this activity will, however, be performed at noon on Saturday and will be televised on ESPN.

Arkansas Keys to Achievements

As previously stated, the Razorbacks head into this match off of a massive victory versus then #7 Texas A&M by a score of 20-10.

Arkansas is loaded with working experience with 19 Redshirt Seniors and quite a few of them are on the offensive line, which has led them to speeding totals that are 2nd in the SEC.

They are also flying all over the put on protection and have held opponents to just 267 whole yards of offense for every match and only 14.5 details for each contest.

What is stressing is if Arkansas falls behind in this matchup. They are not intended to play from behind with how their offense operates. If they drop driving early, it could be a long working day for the hogs.

Georgia Keys to Success

Georgia has reached 12 months 6 below the management of Kirby Clever, and it appears like items could ultimately be in put for a Nationwide Championship.

Ga set on a enormous display screen of whole crew domination very last 7 days when they pummeled Vanderbilt on their way to a 62- victory.

They have blown out basically every opponent this period apart from their matchup towards Clemson to start off the year, and a great deal of that is owing to the likes of their stout roster up and down each situation.

While JT Daniels, the USC transfer, is the principal gentleman at quarterback, he has only supplied 5 touchdowns and 567 yards on the year as a result considerably and has thrown two interceptions.

If the Arkansas defense can get tension to Daniels and lock up the jogging game of Ga, they have a major shot at pulling off an upset.


Irrespective of the brief rise of Arkansas, Georgia is still stated as a heavy 19.5 point most loved in this matchup.

Even so, Georgia has arrive out quickly and hungry in every single solitary video game this time, and that is not a recipe for victory for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Arkansas will count on their protection to manage Ga while they chew up the clock with their reliable speeding assault. But none of that can transpire if Ga comes out swift and gets a couple of scores on the board early.

I think Arkansas has a good group, but the energy and quickness of Ga on both equally sides anxieties me, and Arkansas has still to deal with competitiveness this superior.

I like Georgia to barely protect this distribute on Saturday and carry on to demonstrate why they are amid the finest in the place.

Final Select: Ga -19.5 (-110)

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Weekly Crypto News Roundup – BitcoinChaser BitcoinChaser

Hadiah besar Details SGP 2020 – 2021. Hadiah khusus yang lain-lain tampak diamati secara berkala melalui banner yang kita sisipkan dalam situs tersebut, lalu juga dapat ditanyakan pada layanan LiveChat pendukung kita yg siaga 24 jam On the world wide web buat melayani segala kepentingan para tamu. Ayo buruan daftar, & menangkan bonus Lotre dan Kasino On-line terbesar yg tampil di internet site kami.

It is that time of the week all over again, where by we convey you the largest crypto news. Below we will be highlighting the most talked about crypto information from the previous week. These weekly roundups were being produced for you, to make it simpler for you to stay up to day and educated on almost everything cryptocurrency. From enjoyment stories to sector analysts, anything you want to know about crypto can be discovered on Bitcoin Chaser. In this weekly information roundup, we hope to notify you about your favourite exchanges, wherever international locations lie in crypto adoption, and what blockchain updates to be expecting. Let’s discover out what happened in crypto more than the final week:

A Crypto Investing Hamster Is Outdealing the S&P 500 and Warren Buffet-

“Mr. Goxx” has been trading numerous crypto considering that June 12. The hamster’s portfolio is up above 20% in that time and consists of true revenue and very possibly the most technologically innovative hamster cage.

Read far more on HypeBeast.

Robinhood Tries Out Crypto Wallet, Transfer Options-

The go is made to support Robinhood prospects send out and acquire electronic currencies, which includes bitcoin, with out getting to change them to dollars. On the news, Robinhood shares rose by 2.1% to $41.54.

Study more on PYMNTS.

El Salvador acts on Bitcoin rate dip and purchases 150 BTC-

As the Bitcoin price tag fell under $46,000 on Monday early morning, President Nayib Bukele introduced that the place has “bought the dip.” With 150 new coins, the Central American authorities now retains 700 BTC.

Read through far more on Cointelegraph.

You can now get paid out in bitcoin to use Twitter-

Twitter introduced it will now enable users to tip their most loved creators on the social community applying bitcoin. The business will also allow for buyers to add their bitcoin handle to mail and get these cryptocurrency suggestions.

Read through extra on CNBC.

A Bitcoin miner is getting electric power vegetation to mine crypto now-

Stronghold Digital Mining is now managing a Bitcoin mining operation using the Scrubgrass electricity plant in Pennsylvania, which burns coal waste to make ample power to energy 1,800 mining desktops.

Go through extra on Mashable.

Deutsche Financial institution analyst: Bitcoin will be ‘ultra-unstable,’ but it is here to stay-

Marion Laboure, an analyst at Deutsche Bank’s exploration division, claimed she can envision Bitcoin using the position of electronic gold in the future: lasting for centuries and largely not managed by the federal government.

Examine a lot more on Cointelegraph.

Dolce & Gabbana want to make Elon Musk the ‘King of Crypto’-

Dolce & Gabbana needs to crown American billionaire Elon Musk as the ‘King of Crypto’ but only if he can supply far more than ₹3.8 crore for the ‘Doge Crown’- a actual physical merchandise with seven blue sapphires and 142 diamonds.

Read through more on BusinessInsider.

Prosperous Dad Inadequate Father Author Issues Warning, Tells Traders To Get Bitcoin and Ethereum-

Robert Kiyosaki tells his 1.7 million Twitter followers that he thinks a selection of massive elementary catalysts will rock the economy and that traders really should shield by themselves by buying up BTC, ETH, and precious metals.

Read far more on DailyHodl.

Significant crypto exchanges halt permitting Chinese buyers indicator up just after Beijing’s renewed crackdown-

Huobi, one particular of the world’s premier cryptocurrency exchanges, stated it has ceased new account openings for mainland Chinese. Binance also stated that account registrations utilizing Chinese mobile phone figures are now blocked. 

Study more on CNBC.

New news is routinely getting out there, and it is our aim to make positive you are always briefed on the most pertinent articles out there. We operate all-around the clock each and every day to make certain the most talked-about information is offered to you, in an quick-to-digest format, to either assistance you remain up-to-date or signal markets to dive into. We hope this weekly crypto news roundup assisted you, and be positive to tune in upcoming 7 days to catch the hottest in news. You can stay current on Bitcoin, Blockchain, and every thing cryptocurrency with Bitcoin Chaser.

Beg Bags MILLIONS North Cyprus Main Event Day 2 Chip Lead

Hadiah harian Result SGP 2020 – 2021. Cashback terbaru yang lain dapat diamati dengan terjadwal via banner yang kita letakkan pada laman itu, lalu juga bisa ditanyakan kepada layanan LiveChat pendukung kami yg stanby 24 jam On-line dapat mengservis seluruh keperluan para bettor. Mari buruan join, serta kenakan hadiah Lotto serta Kasino On-line terbesar yang ada di tempat kita.

Furkan Beg recently won the largest live poker tournament prize of his career when he collected $61,259 in a Super High Roller event at the 2021 Sochi Poker Festival in June. Now he has a chance to blow that sum out of the water because he leads the 2021 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS North Cyprus Main Event where $683,285 awaits the champion.

partypoker LIVE MILLIONS North Cyprus Main Event Day 2 Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Country Chips
1 Furkan Beg Turkey 2,520,000
2 Vlad Darie Romania 2,170,000
3 Zorlu Er Turkey 2,128,000
4 Girogiy Skhulukhiya Russia 2,100,000
5 Salih Kocagol Turkey 2,099,000
6 Sergio Aido Spain 1,989,000
7 Dominik Panka Poland 1,966,000
8 Semen Kravets Russia 1,830,000
9 Yurii Senchylo Ukraine 1,772,000
10 Martin Mulsow Germany 1,678,000

Beg bagged up a tournament-leading stack of 2,520,000 chips at the end of Day 2. Only 109 of the 839 entrants remain in the hunt for the title of champion, and only 98 of them will receive a slice of the $3,859,400 prize pool.

The chip leader flew under the radar until the final level of Day 2 when he got involved in a monster pot against Bulgaria’s Stoyan Madanzhiev, and then Martynas Vitkauskas in quick succession.

Beg doubled with versus Madanzhiev’s on courtesy of a board. He then found when Vitkauskas jammed preflop with . Obviously, Beg called, and the board ran to propel Beg to the top of the chip counts.

Several stellar names progressed to Day 3 with ample stacks. Romanian star Vlad Darie’s 2,170,000 chips are enough for second place at the restart. Spain’s Sergio Aido (1,989,000), recent WSOP bracelet winner Dominik Panka (1,966,000), and Martin Mulsow (1,678,000) all have enough chips for a place in the top ten.

Joni Jouhkimainen

Team partypoker’s Joni Jouhkimainen is through to Day 3

Others who are also safely through from Day 2 include Artur Martirosian (1,484,000), Robert Heidorn (1,000,000), our very own Joni Jouhkimainen (975,000), Alexander Lakhov (785,000), Dmitry Gromov (737,000), high-stakes cash game specialist Liviu Ignat (623,000), James Romero (350,000), and Johan Guilbert (312,000).

The top 98 finishers win a slice of the price pool with a min-cash weighing in at $9,335. Attempts will be made on Day 3 to reduce the field to the nine-handed final table where the least anyone can win is $68,695. Anyone finishing in seventh or better wins a six-figure prize, with the partypoker MILLIONS North Cyprus Main Event champion scooping a cool $683,285.

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The post Beg Bags MILLIONS North Cyprus Main Event Day 2 Chip Lead appeared first on Online Poker News and Updates | partypoker Blog.

Dine on wobble-tastic wins in Jelly Increase slot!

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Picture taking some jelly, pushing a compact firework into its heart, and opening your mouth a few toes away to wait for the explosive goodness to be served up.

Inspite of the misleading title, the Jelly Increase slot from Evoplay has definitely almost nothing to do with that very likely risky mid-afternoon daydream. Alternatively, it’s a planet of jelly. This cosmic fantasy imagines mountains, water, and all flora and fauna as tasty wobbly jelly.

Jelly as far as the eye can see

Let us be straightforward, a entire world of jelly seems like a wonderful sticky mess! Whilst the planet of Jelly Increase slot isn’t actually what we experienced in brain when that considered struck, it is nonetheless incredible.


Perform Now

The slot is fantastically illustrated and animated, and there isn’t a one inch of the slot that has not been brought to everyday living. And the people that inhabit it are similarly spectacular. They’re like pre-receiving-wet gremlins, but as an alternative of fur, they are jelly. They are not static both. They mature and evolve as you earn.

Enable me see you shake that jelly

Now that you’ve fallen down the rabbit gap and have uncovered yourself in a globe of jelly, you are gonna want to know a handful of items. The initial and most important of which is that Jelly Boom slot is all about the wilds. Every spin and every single get will be in service of unlocking much more and more wilds to comprehensive jelly-tastic wins!


Enjoy Now

The motion kicks off right after every earn. The symbols concerned in the successful blend will vanish, making it possible for symbols earlier mentioned it to slide into their location, supplying you a different possibility to earn.

Each time the symbols drop, individuals that vanish will be fed to the, for absence of a far better time period, jelly infants. Just after two drops, the 1st will evolve to its remaining sort turning all other folks like it on the reels wild. Each two drops subsequent that will evolve yet another jelly newborn right until all four are in their remaining sort. If you handle to evolve all 4, you’ll want to strap in for some large wins!

Huge wins are not enough, even though. We want Large wins! Very well, you are going to will need to seem out for cosmic grapes for individuals wins. Grab 3 or far more bunches of cosmic grapes, and you are going to unlock among 5 and 15 free of charge spins.


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At the commencing of a round of free of charge spins, you will get to spin the wheel of multipliers (not the formal name, we just considered it sounded great). The jelly child that the wheel lands on will obtain a multiplier based mostly on the number of comic grapes you scored to unlock free of charge spins. Moreover, during absolutely free spins, any cosmic grapes that pop up on the reels will be fed to a random jelly newborn endowing it with its have multiplier powers. With all this multiplying and transforming into wilds, you’re in for some severely mouth watering wins!

Is Jelly Increase slot great enough to try to eat?

This is surely one for the thoroughly clean-plate club. Jelly Growth slot’s illustrations and animations are delightful, the bonus capabilities are only delectable, and the €317,580 jackpot is to die for! In addition, you get a 96.1% RTP ranking and low to medium volatility on the facet. That all provides up to just one delicious meal!

If you’re hooked to the sweet goodness of Jelly Increase slot, why not test out some of our other food stuff-themed video clip slots. We recommend USSR Grocery, Sunset Delight, and Tremendous Sweets as ideal places to dine.

First-Round Picks: The 2021 Super High Roller Bowl

Diskon terbaru Data SGP 2020 – 2021. Game menarik yang lain-lain bisa dipandang dengan berkala lewat iklan yang kita letakkan dalam situs itu, lalu juga dapat dichat pada teknisi LiveChat pendukung kami yang siaga 24 jam On the internet dapat mengservis semua keperluan antara pengunjung. Lanjut langsung daftar, & kenakan bonus Toto serta Kasino On-line terbesar yg tampil di laman kami.

Here are our First-Round Picks for the 2021 Super High Roller Bowl.

The 2021 Super High Roller Bowl kicks off in Las Vegas at the PokerGO Studio on Monday, September 27 with some of the biggest names in tournament poker vying for a piece that will be, undoubtedly, a hefty seven-figure prize pool with multiple millions of dollars being shipped to the winner.

With the $300,000 buy-in bringing out poker’s best and brightest you might be thinking about getting a sweat going while watching the action unfold online. So, whether you are drafting a team with a few friends or playing a little fantasy poker these are the names you should be targeting to make sure they are on your SHRB Squad.

These guys are the first-round picks for the 2021 Super High Roller Bowl.

#1. Michael Addamo

The dominance of Michael Addamo cannot be denied. And when you run as good as he is running right now, you top the list of SHRB draft picks. His high-roller credentials have been more than checked out – in addition to going back-to-back at the end of the 2021 Poker Masters to claim the Purple Jacket (and $1.84 million in 48-hours), Addamo is also the all-time leader in victories of the GGPoker Super MILLION$ where he’s amassed more than $1 million in profit. Add to that, he’s also a two-time WSOP bracelet winner and Aussie Poker Open Main Event champ (among other accolades.) While others on this list may have more past SHRB success, Addamo is a player you simply can’t pass up.

#2. Stephen Chidwick

But…if one were to pass up Addamo and his sun run, they’d be a fool to pass up UK crusher Stephen Chidwick. With more than $35 million in total live earnings, Chidwick – a former #1 GPI ranked player and 2019 European Player of the Year – is both the 2018 U.S. Poker Open champion and 2020 Australian Poker Open winner. As an aside, he was voted, by his peers, at the Global Poker Awards as the Players Choice for Toughest Opponent. Like Addamo, he enters the SHRB with momentum, cashing in three events of the 2021 Poker Masters, including a victory in Event #7 for $183,600. Plus, he’s cashed in three previous Super High Roller Bowls, all in 2018, including the last one that took place in Las Vegas where he finished in third place for $1.5 million.

#3. David Peters

David Peters may not be a trendy pick at #3, but there may be no more reliable player in the field. Sitting fifth on the All-Time Money List, Peters simply knows how to win. He’s proven that yet again this year by taking home the Golden Eagle trophy in the 2021 U.S. Poker Open after winning three of the four events he cashed in. Plus, he’s had plenty of SHRB success, including a fifth-place finish in this year’s SHRB Europe for $820,000 and a final table finish in the inaugural event back in 2015. Simply put, Peters is the kind of player who can win it all on any given day.

#4 Ali Imsirovic

Critics might say that fourth is a little high for young Ali Imsirovic, after all, there are SHRB champions that are ranked underneath him. But there are only a few players who have spent as much time in the PokerGO Studio grinding high rollers in the past 24 months as Imsirovic. This gives him a huge home-field advantage. And you don’t have to look too hard to see how hard (and often) Imsirovic crushes high rollers. The 2018 Poker Masters champion currently only has one seven-figure cash on his ever-growing resume however that was a runner-up finish to Cary Katz in the 2019 Super High Roller Bowl London. Imsirovic just seems destined to add more million-dollar scores in the very near future. While he didn’t have a standout performance in this year’s Poker Masters, he should find a way to bounce back here in the Main Event.

#5. Justin Bonomo

No one loves the Super High Roller Bowl more than Justin Bonomo. According to PokerGO, no one has won more money from Super High Roller Bowl events than Bonomo, who has reaped $12,706,516 worth of cashes thanks to back-to-back SHRB title in 2018. Hell, even in the midst of COVID, Bonomo took down the Super High Roller Bowl $100K Online Event for $1.775 million. So, why is Bonomo only fifth? It’s not a comment on his talent against the field obviously, it’s simply a question of if he will actually be in the field? And if so, without a live result for the better part of two years, how will he perform? Even not knowing the answer to either question, you still gotta put respect on his name and include him in the top 5 picks.

#6. Mikita Badziakouski

Belarusian nosebleed crusher Mikita Badziakouski has proven himself time and time again to be one of the best tournament players on the planet. With more than $29 million in live earning, Badziakouski seems to have a way of always making a deep run in the most critical of events. Like Addamo, Badziakouski showed up a little early in Las Vegas to warm up before the SHRB. He promptly took down a Poker Masters event and made the final table of the Main Event. That was coming off of two third-place finishes in the prelims of the SHRB Europe. In 2018, Badziakouski took third in May’s SHRB event for $1.6 million, and then in 2020, he did the same in the event in the Bahamas for another $1.6 million. If it’s Badziakouski walking away with the win in 2021, there won’t be a single surprised person in the PokerGO Studio.

#7. Jake Schindler

You’d best not sleep on Jake Schindler in any event, especially one in the PokerGO Studio. Schindler rolls into the SHRB with three recent results from the 2021 Poker Masters, a pair of cashes in the prelims of the SHRB Europe, and a PokerGO cup event win. He’s generally considered one of the very best tournament players on the planet and that was on full display in 2017 when he finished second to Christoph Vogelsang in the SHRB for a career-high $3.6 million payday. Although he’s seventh on this list, any person betting on Schindler should feel confident that they have an absolute top-tier player on in their corner.

#8. Jason Koon

One of the nicest guys on the high-roller scene is also one of the most dangerous. Jason Koon, currently seventh on the All-Time Money List, has enjoyed plenty of success in the SHRB over the years, cashing in four SHRB live events. Because the 2018 heads-up between Bonomo and Daniel Negreanu was so memorable, it often gets forgotten that Koon had a shot at winning the title that year, but he fell in third place for $2.1 million score. However, history aside, Koon has been putting in work at the PokerGO Studio over the summer, including taking down a PokerGO cup event for $324,000. Like Schindler ahead of him on the list, Koon isn’t flashy at the table – he just produces results. If he gets close here in 2021, it wouldn’t be a shocker to see him finally take one down.

#9. Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu’s infamous “second-place streak” has come to an end and “Kid Poker” is back to his winning ways. This includes locking up the overall leaderboard in the 2021 PokerGO Cup and a victory in the 2021 Poker Masters, where he was in the running for the Purple Jacket right up until the start of the final event. Negreanu is one of those “old school” players that polarizes fans when it comes to the biggest events in the world. However, where others of his era have been unable to compete with the young crop of crushers, Negreanu constantly provides receipts. It should be noted that one of those second-place finishes that people point to was his runner-up finish in the 2018 SHRB to Bonomo – good for a cool $3 million.

In the interest of transparency, Daniel Negreanu is selling a piece of his 2021 Super High Roller Bowl action here on PocketFives.

#10. Sam Soverel

Another player that thrives in the PokerGO Studio is Sam Soverel. Soverel, the 2019 Poker Masters overall champion, currently sits in third place on PokerGO’s high-roller leaderboard by thoroughly dominating a string of $10K tournaments throughout 2021. There are a number of players who could be considered right here, but it’s Soverel’s undeniable success in this atmosphere plus incredible momentum that puts him as the final player in round one. The only downside of taking him here, as opposed to a player like two-time champion Tim Adams, fan-favorite Nick Petrangelo, or up-and-comer Chris Brewer, is his lack of previous SHRB results. But this may be the year that changes.

The 2021 Super High Roller Bowl is available to stream from Sept. 27-29 on PokerGO. A recap of the final table will be available here on PocketFives.

Join the Electronic Revolution to Score Major in NFT Megaways Slot!

Permainan gede Pengeluaran SGP 2020 – 2021. Prediksi besar yang lain tersedia dilihat dengan berkala via kabar yg kami lampirkan dalam laman ini, dan juga siap ditanyakan terhadap operator LiveChat pendukung kita yg stanby 24 jam On the world wide web dapat meladeni seluruh kebutuhan antara pemain. Lanjut cepetan gabung, dan menangkan hadiah Undian & Kasino On the net terhebat yg wujud di situs kita.

You have hardly ever observed a video game like this before! NFT Megaways slot celebrates the amazing world of cryptos and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in a fully initial crypto-themed planet, and we Adore it! 

NFTs have come to be a genuine fad of late, and several have sold for tens of millions. Some of the most popular NFTs are the Crypto Punks, and 4 of these special people aspect as symbols in this head-blowing slot from Crimson Tiger Gaming. Ready to fulfill the Punks? Let’s get you acquainted with these wacky pixelated people, and really don’t be concerned, we’ll introduce you to some monstrous wins way too!

Get into the Crypto Punk funk

One of the very best points about this slot is the Megaways function! With up to 200,704 approaches to get, the Megaways in this slot could see MEGA WINS coming your way. Winning combos are formed by landing identical symbols on 3 adjacent reels from the still left, soon after which the combo will vanish and new symbols will fall in to fill the vacant areas to produce additional payouts – effortless peasy!


Play Now

The 4 Crypto Punk symbols stand for the Wilds and will substitute for all paying symbols in the recreation. Of course, that’s right, 4 WILDS. They surface in the major reward reel, which provides 1 row earlier mentioned reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. But it gets better, way better. The Crypto Punk symbol will obtain all reduced-shelling out symbols when substituting in a profitable combo and trigger a unique function that will blow your wins sky-higher!

Each and every symbol collected will add a 1x multiplier to the Wild Punk. When new symbols drop in and the Crypto Punk substitutes in an additional winning combo, the payout will then be multiplied by the Wild Punk’s value. You could be landing Wild multipliers of up to 30x, and all this could materialize in a solitary spin.

Crypto Spins for larger wins

Landing 3 Scatter symbols wherever on the reels will trigger the Crypto Spins Bonus with 10 absolutely free spins. You are going to obtain 5 further free spins for just about every extra Scatter symbol that activated the feature. 

The reels will modify a little and the Crypto Punk multipliers will be displayed on both side of the reels. This slot has higher volatility and a 95.66% RTP rating so you could be going for walks into a enormous gain even though taking part in via this aspect, in particular if you operate into a handful of Crypto Punks alongside the way.


Enjoy Now

In the course of the Crypto Spins Bonus, all the Crypto Punk symbols will maintain their multipliers for the length of the reward match. This usually means you could be landing various multiplied wins at a time if 2 or more Crypto Punks land in the reward reel. There’s significant income to be manufactured below, and with a €200,000 max win, these reels offer a brighter foreseeable future – just like cryptos do.

Go electronic or go residence!

We know you’re likely to have a blast in this digital paradise. NFT Megaways slot is the first-at any time crypto-themed on line casino game and a masterpiece at that. The Crypto Punks are all set to make you loaded, so commence spinning the reels and expertise the thrill of this digital planet these days!

Nanartavicius is the MILLIONS North Cyprus Warm-Up Champion

Hadiah spesial Result SGP 2020 – 2021. Undian terbaru yang lain hadir diamati secara terjadwal via kabar yg kami letakkan pada situs tersebut, dan juga dapat dichat terhadap layanan LiveChat support kami yang menjaga 24 jam On the internet dapat meladeni seluruh kepentingan para player. Ayo secepatnya join, serta menangkan cashback Buntut dan Kasino On-line terbesar yang nyata di lokasi kita.

Mantas Nanartavicius is the 2021 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS North Cyprus Warm-Up champion. Nanartavicius, who calls Lithuania home, outlasted 744 players in the $2,200 buy-in event, and walked away with the winner’s trophy and an impressive $210,912 payout.

2021 partypoker LIVE MILLONS North Cyprus Warm-Up Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Mantas Nanartavicius Lithuania $210,912*
2 Fahredin Mustafov Bulgaria $156,293*
3 Ionel Anton Romania $158,318*
4 Silma Macalou France $81,435
5 Georges Hanna Lebanon $62,095
6 Johan Guilbert France $50,170
7 Kush Kataria India $41,535
8 Jim Sue Pan Netherlands $33,035
9 Matthieu Chan Mauritius $24,810

*reflects a three-handed deal leaving $24,000 more for the champion

The final day’s action began with 12 players in the hunt for the title, and with Jim Sue Pan leading them back into battle at the five-star Merit Crystal Cove Hotel Casino & Spa.

Those 12 were reduced to 11 with the elimination of Karolis Ciudaras during the 100,000/200,000/200,000a level. Ciudaras open-shoved for 1,625,000 from the button with , and Kush Kataria called from the small blind with . Kataria’s eight-kicker played on the Kc] board, sending Ciudaras to the rail.

Artur Martirosian sat down as one of the shorter stacks and he could not get out of second gear. Martirosian got his chips in with against the of Silma Macalou and the of Nanartavicius. The five community cards fell , busting Martirosian and propelling Nanartavicius towards the top of the chip counts.

The final table was set when Gregoire Auzoux bowed out in tenth. He lost a coinflip against fellow Frenchman Johan Guilbert, his failing to hold against Guilbert’s .

It took more than an hour for the first finalist to head to the cashier’s desk, Matthieu Chan being that player. Chan committed his last six big blinds with and lost to the of Pan, which improved to a Broadway straight on the river.

Eight-handed play lasted for a couple of hours and ended with Pan heading to the showers. Blinds were now 250,000/500,000/500,000a, and Pan moved all-in for 4,150,000 with . Romanian star Ionel Anton called with the dominating and won the pot courtesy of the board.

Another two hours passed before Kataria ran out of steam. Nanartavicius min-raised to 1,200,000 with and called when Kataria three-bet all-in for 4,200,000. Nanartavicius’ kings remained true, and the final table lost another player.

Guilbert was the most active player on the final day but he could only muster a sixth-place finish. Fahredin Mustafov shipped in his last ten big blind with what turned out to be , and Guilbert snap-called off his 2,900,000 stack with . An ace on the turn ended Guilbert’s dreams of becoming this tournament’s champion.

A huge pot occurred during the 400,000/800,000/800,000a level that turned the tournament on its head. Georges Hanna moved all-in for 12,500,000 and Mustafov condisdered at least calling with but ultimately folded. Anton called on the button, Macalous folded in the small blind, before Nanartavicius called all-in for 10,000,000.

It was for Hanna, for Anton, but for Nanartavicius! The aces held to send Hanna to the rail in fifth, and Nanartavicius up to more than 31,000,000 chips.

The final four became three when Macalou crashed out at the hands of Nanartavicius. Macalou looked down at and open-shoved for 9.4 big blinds from the small blind. Nanartavicius called with and the door card was an ace. There was a little drama because the flop was all club and Macalou held a club, but the turn and river were both red and not eights, melting Macalou’s snowmen.

The three remaining players fought for approximately 30-minutes before pausing the clock and successfully negotiating a deal. That deal left $24,000 more for the eventual champion.

Anton busted in third soon after when he opened to 2,500,000 with and Mustafov defended his big blind with . Mustafov check-called the 10,700,000 shove from Anton on the flop and was a huge favourite to win the hand. The turn and river halted Anton in his tracks.

The stacks were neck-and-neck going into heads-up, but the first meaningful pot went Nanartavicius’ way. He had Mustafov on the ropes, but the Bulgarian won a coinflip with against his opponent’s .

After three hours of one-on-one action, the final hand took place. Mustafov jammed all-in for 12.5 big blinds with and Nanartavicius called with . The flop did not change anything, although the turn gave Mustafov more outs to a straight. The river was a total brick, which busted Mustafov in second place and handed the title to Nanartavicius.

An incredible result for Nanartavicius whose only previous recorded live cash weighed in at €278 ($312). He now has a $210,912 score to brag about.

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It is a Joker slot is frightful and pleasant!

Prediksi seputar Togel Singapore 2020 – 2021. Cashback seputar lain-lain hadir diamati dengan terjadwal lewat poster yg kita sisipkan dalam world wide web tersebut, dan juga dapat ditanyakan terhadap petugas LiveChat assistance kami yg ada 24 jam On the web untuk meladeni seluruh kebutuhan para pengunjung. Mari secepatnya sign up for, serta menangkan reward Lotere serta Are living Casino On-line terbesar yg ada di world wide web kita.

Killer clowns, what’s up with them? They are the cause for the quite true coulrophobia – the debilitating anxiety of clowns. Many thanks IT, we weren’t fearful of red-nosed fuzzylumkins until you confirmed up with your bloody balloon.

Pennywise paid us a stop by to scare us senseless in 1990. Pennywise returned not so extended ago to ‘Georgie’ up our nightmares. And guess what, Pennywise has returned as soon as once again, but this time, on the reels with masses of income to give away in the new It is a Joker slot.

But dread not fellow coulrophobes, Pennywise is surrounded by juicy fruits, cost-free spins and numerous, lots of multipliers in this a single. So, it is time we encounter our fears for fruitful wins of up to €42,000.

Keep absent from the sewers

It’s extensive been debated no matter whether or not this sewer-murdering-rat is a male or a feminine. Felix Gaming has decided that in this slot, Pennywise will just take the type of a woman – evident by her gold hooped earrings.

This recreation is creepy, there’s no question about it, but the existence of 7s, Grapes, Cherries, Lemons, Plums, Oranges, and Bells on the reels guaranteed does soften the blow of spinning reels with grisly Jack in the Packing containers, and huge-toothed Pennywises.

IT is the Wild, and that is the only particular symbol in this sport of fright and delight.


Participate in Now

A horror filled with absolutely free spins and multiplying wins

It’s a Joker slot has capabilities that will transform concern into enjoyable. You won’t only be spinning the reels for profitable mixtures, but there are two other reels that will spin too that can award up to 5 No cost Game titles on every spin and Multipliers up to x25 on just about every win.

There is a Cost-free Online games reel on the still left-hand aspect of the screen that spins to award a range of fast Absolutely free Video games. This amount is identified by the selection that lands on the Cost-free Video games reel.

The Multiplier reel is on the appropriate-hand side of the screen and also spins to award a amount of multipliers that will be added to your get for that spin.


Enjoy Now

This higher volatility slot does have a Reward much too, but it’s not the Reward Online games we’re utilised to. Shock, surprise, Pennywise dances to his very own deathly tune – so why would this slot be any distinct?

Every single now and once again the creepy clown we all love to dislike laughs her way on to the reels – full distorted experience and all – to award an supplemental Wild image to the reel. Yup, this is virtually the Bonus, but hey… It could be your conserving grace against It is cruel approaches.


Perform Now

Do you want a balloon as well?

This 96.98% RTP slot won’t have you dragged into a drain only to be eaten by a cannibalistic clown, it will have you spinning by means of your fears, turning nightmares into daydreams of plentiful wins.

The new It is a Joker slot is no joke, it’s Felix Gaming’s initial foray into the horror style, total with haunting new music and eerie gameplay – ideal for all thrilling adventure seekers.

Do you dare to acknowledge Pennywise’s balloon and see wherever your fate prospects you? Muster up the courage and float your minimal Georgie boat at BitStarz.