Are VR slots the potential of casino gaming?

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Fb founder Mark Zuckerberg not long ago introduced his eyesight of the long term, which he coined the metaverse. This dystopian glimpse into our long term predicts a shift from lifestyle as we know it to a totally electronic existence driven by virtual truth (VR).

Now, we’re not shopping for into anything that a Silicon Valley extraterrestrial has to supply, but his prediction that a lot of industries will change to a electronic setting can’t be ignored. As a result, we’re remaining to concern if the humble slot activity is destined for a shift from your screen to the metaverse!

The Stakes

In 2016 at an business trade display, NetEnt showcased a demo of their popular Jack and the Beanstalk Slot that incorporated digital fact aspects. In 2018, each NetEnt and Evoplay launched what would be the world’s initially VR slots. Additional than 5 many years later on, we’re still ready on the VR casino revolution.


Yes, a number of VR slots have been released over the previous a long time, but they are continue to found as a novelty and not a mile marker to the long run. This has left many to study what stands in the way of the mass adoption of VR by the on line casino marketplace.

The Gear

In the early several years of digital fact, merchandise like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive demanded both a considerable upfront expense for the headset and an similarly substantial investment decision for the laptop to energy these headsets. This intended that the mass adoption of VR by the standard public was just not attractive.


Having said that, in subsequent years, merchandise like the Samsung Equipment VR that employ a smartphone in mixture with a controller have minimized the price of entry considerably. Nowadays, you can pick up a smartphone-based VR headset and controller blend on Amazon for less than €50.

The cost is, nevertheless, not the only barrier to mass adoption. Even the most understated VR headset is not a thing you are going to be strapping on although you wait around in a line at your area pizza put.

About the following several decades, this situation will very likely come to be less pronounced. We may even get to a place in which the technologies is seamlessly integrated into a straightforward pair of sunglasses. Nevertheless, we’re not there nonetheless.

The Perspective Issue

Virtual fact was popularized in the globe of regular movie video games. It permitted gamers to enter the globe of the video game and interact with its factors in a extra immediate manner. What manufactured this an suitable implementation of the technological know-how was that it gave players a extra tactile expertise and authorized players a increased industry of watch to explore more of the match.


As we shift into some or a different sort of a metaverse, VR will be vital for interacting with mates, colleagues, and clients. It will also allow us to explore a world that can be endlessly extended. As a end result, significantly like with conventional video clip video games, VR offers the customers a richer metaverse expertise.

In a slot, even so, VR distracts more than it enriches the experience. The problem is that a slot requires a static viewpoint. A slot’s motion all comes about in 1 locale in front of the player. This signifies that any implementation of VR into a slot sport would mostly be concept-primarily based additions that would do far more to distract gamers.

This, even so, is assuming a pretty rigid strategy of a slot sport. It’s not not possible that a developer could totally reimagine the medium. On the other hand, the possibility of such a colossal change in the industry being pushed by these types of a area of interest piece of engineering appears unlikely.

The Enthusiast Difficulty

Early adopters of any new engineering are typically fanatics who feel passionate about what it can incorporate to their daily life. These folks, much more often than not, are knowledgeable that the first iteration of that technologies will probably be subpar. Nonetheless, there is an implicit knowing that they are an important cog in the equipment of mainstream adoption.

This variety of subculture is simply not as commonplace in the on the web casino globe as it is in the technology or conventional video clip video game industries. Gamers are not searching for the next ideal matter. They are commonly written content to play games they are acquainted with, only deviating to consider out a new title when it’s served in a acquainted format. And without these earlier adopters, innovative new technology has small area to breathe and experienced.

The VR Verdict

It is very tricky to predict the nature of engineering decades from now. It is possible that with the miniaturization of optical technology and the mass adoption of digital or augmented reality into day-to-day lifestyle, a revolution could be all around the corner. If it is, BitStarz will be major the way into the casino world’s metaverse.