Are you really on a downswing?

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Are you really running bad or is it your poker skills that need a tune up? Bencb has the answer.


There is no shame in being a losing player in poker, there is shame in not being honest with yourself about it!

There is a common misbelief among poker players that every time anyone has a string of losing sessions it’s a downswing. Unfortunately, many players are not being honest with themselves about what their string of bad luck is actually being caused by.

If you’re really a losing player, and not just on a downswing, the first step towards changing your situation comes with accepting where you are currently.

How to tell if you are on a downswing

However, if you’ve lost money over a thousand tournaments with only a few positive upward trends, you’re likely a losing player who’s had a few upswings. If you’ve won over at least a thousand tournaments at your stakes in the past, but recently you’ve had a bad run over the last few hundred games, it’s probably just a downswing.

If you’re unsure how you’ve been performing over your past few hundred tournaments online, use a tool like Sharkscope to find out what your graph looks like.


Being honest with yourself about your poker ability is one of the most important self reflections you can have as a poker player. You have to bite the bullet and have an unbiased view of your poker results if you ever want to improve.

Another way you can figure out your skill level is by sharing hands with better poker players. If they are always telling you you’re making big mistakes, this is another sign that you need to change something.

I’m a losing player, now what?

If you come to the unbiased conclusion that you’re not on a downswing and you are in fact a losing player, it’s time to change things up. Start by playing the lowest stakes possible for at least 1,000 tournaments. During this time focus on learning the game and trying to understand concepts.

Start making studying poker a part of your daily routine. A great way to start studying is by watching through the Tournament Masterclass Starter course (see below)

Additionally, analyze and talk over hands with accomplished poker players in our Discord group. Ask them for feedback on your play and find out if they would approach situations totally differently than you.


Once you are a proven winner at $0.50 and $1 tournaments over at least 1,000 games, start slowly moving up in stakes. Follow the bankroll management guidelines that are outlined in the Tournament Masterclass Starter, and don’t be too eager to get to higher stakes.

Try not to have too many expectations for your results, as the best results often come when there is no expectation of them. Just put in the work off the table and go into your sessions focused, interested and prepared. It’ll take 1-2 years of hard work and dedication until you are a good enough player to make a full time income from poker, so relax and enjoy the journey.

Turning your losing graph into a winning one requires a fundamental shift in the way you view your poker game. Don’t claim to be a winning poker player when you’re not. Rather, be humble and accept where you are in your poker journey, then work to get better and improve your poker skills over time. 

The Tournament Masterclass Starter


How long would it take from being a break even player to a small stakes winner? Six months? A year? More?

Our friend bencb at Raise Your Edge says five days!

That’s because he has just released a free five day course called the Tournament Masterclass Starter. If you have been on the fence about Raise Your Edge products this is the perfect place to start. 

Each day a new video will drop which will teach you about the must-know fundamentals of the modern game. These lessons include:

  • Preflop poker
  • Postflop play
  • Bankroll Management
  • ICM
  • Variance and downswings
  • Bencb’s five pillars to tournament success

You will also get access to free preflop ranges that you can incorporate into your game right away. 

There really is nothing to lose and everything to gain, so what are you waiting for?

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