Byung Yoo Overcomes Corey Paggeot to Ship WSOP Online Event #24

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Byung Yoo came from behind to win WSOP Online Event #24. (Borgata photo).

When the final table of World Series of Poker Online Event #24 ($400 NLHE Monster Stack) started on Saturday night, Byung Yoo was simply hoping to ladder up after starting with the third shortest stack. Corey Paggeot was in the opposite position, hoping to convert his overwhelming chip lead into a gold bracelet.

Yoo continued to climb the ladder while Paggeot, who had three times as many chips as the next largest stack when the final table began, continued to run over the final table including holding a 14-1 chip lead over Yoo heads up. That’s the closest Paggeot got to winning his first bracelet though, as Yoo overcame the chip deficit to reach the top run of the ladder and grab his first WSOP bracelet.

With blinds of 100,000/200,000 (20,000), action folded to Joseph Bruno on the button and he moved all in for 595,960 with Kd8h only to have John Riordan call with 6s5h. Bruno stayed ahead on the Ad9c7d flop but Riordan made third pair on the 6h turn. Bruno was unable to hit any of his outs on the 6d river and was eliminated in ninth place.

Yoo jammed his last 3,634,808 into the middle with AcJc from middle position. Frank Williams III called all in for 2,509,310 with AhQh. The KcQcTh flop gave Yoo Broadway with a nut flush draw. The 5c turn brought the flush and left Williams drawing dead as the 8h river completed the board. Williams was out in eighth.

Oliver Tse moved all in on the button for 1,328,808 with Th9h and ‘aerpmh‘ re-raised from the small blind to 2,417,616 with AcKs forcing Bader Haq fold his big blind. The AhTc5d flop hit both players but kept ‘aerpmh’ in front. The turn was the Kc to give ‘aerpmh’ top two pair, leaving Tse drawing to one of three remaining tens. The 8d river was no help for Tse and he was finish in seventh place.

Just a minute later, Paggeot began a quick run of terror that saw a pair of eliminations stoke him to a massive chip lead. From UTG, Riordan moved all in for 2,028,593 with TcTd. Paggeot called from the big blind with JdJs. Riordan got no assistance on the AsQs4c9d3s runout and was sent to the rail with a sixth place result.

Paggeot found another victim just two minutes later. Down to 3.5 big blinds, David Goodman moved all in for 863,770 from the cutoff with KdJd before Paggeot re-raised to 2,400,000 with KhQd. The Ac9s6h flop let Paggeot in front. The Ts turn gave both players a Broadway draw and the Jc hit the river to complete Paggeot’s draw and eliminate Goodman in fifth. That pot gave Paggoet exactly 50% of the chips in play.

It took 28 minutes for the next bustout and Paggeot stepped aside to let another player do the work. Yoo jammed for 10,369,384 from the small blind with 3c3d and ‘aerpmh’ called all in for their last 5,104,224 from the big blind with Kc8h. Yoo stayed in front through the As9s2s2dAd runout to end the tournament for ‘aerpmh’ in fourth.

After 49 minutes of three-handed play,Haq moved all in for 6,678,816 from the button with 9c9d before Paggeot re-shoved for 33,865,984 with KcKd from the small blind. Yoo folded his 600,000 big blind and then watched as the AcTh6h4hJd runout eliminated Haq in third place.

Paggeot started heads up play with a 7.2-1 chip lead over Yoo. That’s where everything changed for Paggeot as Yoo found multiple double-ups to take the chip lead. Paggeot battled back however, and after flopping two pair on a As9d8c flop against Yo”s pocket tens, Paggeot was sitting on a 14-1 chip lead.

Yoo doubled up on two of the next three hands and then over the 15 minutes that followed went from a three big blind stack to holding a 3-1 lead of his own before putting the finishes touches on his first WSOP title. Yoo moved all in for 35,279,200 with KcKd and Paggeot called with Ad2s. The board ran out Qc9s8d6dJs to keep Yoo in front and eliminate Paggeot in second place.

Event #24 Final Table Payouts

  1. Byung “bhy101” Yoo – $77,475
  2. Corey “Corgasm” Paggeot – $47,840
  3. Bader “Ib2nyce4u” Haq – $33,996
  4. ‘aerpmh”‘ – $24,555
  5. David “Bewater” Goodman – $17,866
  6. John “Macallan25” Riordan – $7,856
  7. Oliver “yongshi88” Tse – $9,864
  8. Frank “Denzer” Williams III – $7,451
  9. Joseph “letsplay77” Bruno – $5,715