Can you hero call with Ace high when it blocks the nut flush?

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Daniel Dvoress joins Dara and David from the Chip Race to discuss a hero call he made against David Peters in a six-figure buy-in MTT.

Your opponent has a polarised range on the river and all you have is Ace high….but you block the nut flush. Can you make the hero call, especially when it is against one of the best in the game? 

Our friends at the Unibet sponsored Chip Race podcast review a hand with Super High Roller crusher Daniel Dvoress from the $250,000 buy-in event at Triton Montenegro. In it David Peters check/raises the flop, checks the turn and overbets the river. 

The guys start the discussion by talking about the ideal bet sizing on a J65 board and how while small sizings are solver approved, they are sometimes overused. They also list the right sort of hands you want to bluff with when you bet big, and the right soft of bluffs for different runouts. 

In the hand Daniel calls a check/raise on the flop with just AK which leads to a discussion on minimum defence frequency and how most players overfold hands like this that have good equity against a check/raise value range. 

On the river the 3 makes a potential flush and our hero faces a 125% pot bet from Peters, which polarises his range to nutty hands and bluffs. What follows is a discussion on the right hands to bluff catch with, most notably the Ace of spades. It actually fairs better than some Jx even though it is just Ace high. 

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