Dean Morrow Wins WSOP PA Six-Max Bracelet for $35K

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Dean ‘TheRealYoshi’ Morrow took down Pennsylvania WSOP Online Event #4 ($400 No Limit Hold’em 6-max) on Wednesday.

World Series of Poker Online events in Pennsylvania resumed on Wednesday after a day off due to technical difficulties, and it was Dean Morrow who won the third WSOP bracelet of the min series with no trouble at all. From going into the final table as chip leader to triumphing heads-up, Morrow breezed through the field to win his first WSOP bracelet and the top prize of $35,480.

The final table began with just six players, with the six-max format producing half a dozen players with very different stacks. Morrow held a big chip lead with 2.6 million chips at blinds of 14,000/28,000, but others had nowhere near as many as him. They included ‘DeathNote_’, who busted first against the eventual winner.

Morrow moved all-in from the small blind with Ah9s and ‘DeathNote_’ called in the big blind with Ad8s. The flop of Kd5d4c saw Morrow maintain his lead in the land and the 9c turn sealed the deal, the inconsequential Jh on the river sending ‘DeathNote_’ to the rail in sixth place for $5,289.

It was ‘BubbyDubby’ whose bubble burst in fifth place for $7,336 after they made a move at exactly the wrong time. Three-bet shoving pre-flop with Ts9s for just over six big blinds, ‘BubbyDubby’ saw ‘ArnoldSlick’ make the call with JsJh. The flop AhJc8h gave ‘ArnoldSlick’ a set, but also dangled the carrot of an open-ended straight draw to salvage ‘BuddyDubby’s hopes. Sadly for them, however, the 5d turn and 5h river ended those hopes and reduced the field to four.

Morrow was still a massive leader after ‘Arnold Slick’ bagged their second elimination in a row by skittling the chances of Angel Lopez in fourth place for the first five-figure prize of the tournament in $10,367. Lopez, who has plenty of previous cashes in WSOP Online events as well as PokerStars SCOOPs, saw ‘ArnoldSlick move all-in from the small blind and called off his tournament life from the big blind.

‘ArnoldSlick’ had moved all-in with AsKs and was way ahead of Lopez’ Ac8s. The flop of AhQdQs offered no reprieve for Lopez and after the 2h turn and Th river, he was on the rail.

The next elimination would be pivotal and with Morrow up to four million chips and both ‘ArnoldSlick’ and ‘Voice2skull’ hovering around the million mark, either of the short stacks needed to bust the other to regain some control. Morrow used his stack brilliantly, however, to fend off such ideas and when ‘Voice2skull’ raised it up pre-flop with AcJc, Morrow moved all-in over the top with AsQd.

‘Voice2skull’ made the call and got the bad news, but the flop of Th9d8d gave them hope with the open-ended straight draw providing seven outs. The turn of a 4d didn’t help ‘Voice2skull’ at all, and the river of Jd gave Morrow the straight instead, sending ‘Voice2skull’ out in third place for $14,974.

Morrow went into heads-up with a chip lead of better than 3:1, and it took just five minutes to make that lead count. ‘ArnoldSlick’ dropped a little, then doubled up, but it was all over soon afterwards. In the final hand, Morrow’s three-bet with JhJs was called pre-flop by ‘ArnoldSlick’ with 8h8s.

The flop of Jc8c4c was always going to see all the money end in the middle and so it proved as Morrow’s chunky bet was raised before the chip leader shoved and received the call. ‘ArnoldSlick’ needed a miracle, but instead, the 4s on the turn gave Morrow a full house and the 2s confirmed victory, with the unfortunate ‘ArnoldSlick’ unable to his their one-outer.

The fourth event of the WSOP Online Series in Pennsylvania might have been the third to take place, with yesterday’s $3,200 Event #3 now re-scheduled for Tuesday, but it was well-attended. Overall, 295 players took to the virtual felt, with 126 of those players rebuying, meaning a prize pool of $151,560 was won over nine hours of action.

Other notables who made the money but didn’t threaten the final table places included the winner of the opening WSOP PA Online Series event ‘ratrivers’, who finished 33rd for $834, fellow early event final table player “LooseChangee” (61st for $606) and Taylor Nicole, who made it all the to 19th place for $970).
In the end, it was Dean Morrow’s day at the expense of runner-up ‘ArnoldSlick’, who won $22,022 for their efforts.

Morrow’s moment will live long in the memory for many more tomorrows to come, along with his first-ever WSOP bracelet and the hard-earned top prize of $35,480.

WSOP Online Series Pennsylvania Event #4 $400 Six-Max Final Table Results:

  1. Dean ‘TheRealYoshi’ Morrow – $35,480
  2. ‘ArnoldSlick’ – $22,022
  3. ‘Voice2skull’ – $14,974
  4. Angel ‘Chr0meKing’ Lopez – $10,367
  5. ‘BubbyDubby’ – $7,336
  6. ‘DeathNote__’ – $5,289