Mike Postle drops his defamation suit against the poker world

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He now has to pay the legal fees of Veronica Brill and Todd Witteles as a direct result.

Mike Postle

We thought the Mike Postle story was over last year when the lawsuit against him was dropped, but he shocked the world in October when he launched a $330 million a defamation suit against a number of high profile figures in the poker community. 

Since then a lot has happened, most notably his own lawyers filing a motion to be released from his counsel. Last week he finally gave up the ghost and filed a request for dismissal, to end the case. 

That isn’t the end of the story for Postle, however. Whistleblower Veronica Brill and Todd Witteles were two of the people Postle was suing and they both filed Anti-SLAPPs against Postle. These are motions to prevent powerful bodies filing frivolous lawsuits to intimidate people. Because Postle requested that his own lawsuit was dismissed, by default that means he has to pay both Brill and Witteles’s legal fees. 

Have we seen the last of Mike Postle? He remains innocent in the eyes of the law after the case against him was thrown out. Alleged cheating cases in gambling disputes remain incredibly difficult to prove in the court of law. Last year it looked likely that a documentary was being made that looked somewhat favourable to his cause, although whether that is still the case after this latest stumbling block remains to be seen. 

Will we see Mike Postle again in the poker community? Let us know in the comments: